Episode Thirteen

Topics: Noble Victories Set
Guest: Dustin Zimmerman

6 responses to “Episode Thirteen”

  1. jim

    how can i download this to an mp3 to put on my ipod?

  2. Drew Holton

    This episode will be available in MP3 form sometime this week. I will post a message when it is on the site.

  3. Drew Holton

    Its now up. Should be listed in the playlist in the players located throughout the site.

  4. jim

    i clicked on download mp3 and it sent me to a separate window and i cant figure out how to download it from there. help please? :)

  5. Drew Holton

    Clicking download should just prompt you to save or play in a program. Perhaps you are accidentally clicking “pop-out” instead of download.

  6. Drew Holton

    Actually I think I duplicated the screen you got. You should be able to right click and choose “save as.” Hopefully that works for you.