Prague Cup Updates

As we get information about the event, we will provide updates on the Prague Cup!

Day One Results

To start off, here is the attendance for the tournament by division.

Juniors: 17
Seniors: 35
Masters: 145

Here are the Top 32 Masters players heading into Day Two!

Cedric Gouin w/ TZPS (FR) vs. Vincent Azzolin w/ Typhlosion/Reshiram (FR)
Christian Gessner w/ Typhlosion/Reshiram (DE) vs. Nikola Vakarelov w/ Mew/Vileplume/ERL (FR)
Daniel Middleton w/ Typhlosion/Reshiram (GB) vs. Stephane Ivanoff w/ TZPS (FR)
Darius Scarno w/ Yanmega/Magnezone (IT) vs. Sascha Giger w/ Yanmega/Magnezone/Zoroark (CH)
David Sturm w/ Typhlosion/Reshiram/Magnezone (DE) vs. Kay Luedecke w/ Lanturn/Yanmega/Zekrom (DE)
Filipp Lausch w/ Yanmega/Magnezone (AU) vs. Samuel Zettinig w/ Beartic/Vileplume/Reuniclus (AU)
Finn Looft w/ Yanmega/Magnezone (DE) vs. Gianmarco Morle w/ Typhlosion/Reshiram (IT)
Joshua Galys w/ Gothitelle (DE) vs. Martin Kaninsky w/ The Truth (CZ)
Karl Peters w/ TZPS (DE) vs. Marcas Marin-Baliano w/ Kingdra/Cinccino (DE)
Lorenzo Pieri w/ TZPS (IT) vs. Steven Mao w/ Lanturn/Yanmega/Zekrom (DE)
Lorenzo Voltolina w/ Gothitelle (IT) vs. Maxime Rouvreau w/ Typhlosion/Reshiram (FR)
Luc D. w/ Weavile/Slowking/Zoroark (CH) vs. Ole Stognief w/ Weavile/Slowking (DE)
Marcin Kurek w/ TZPS (PL) vs. Tobias Thesing w/ Yanmega/Lanturn/Zekrom (DE)
Michal Luong (CZ) vs. Stefan Weber w/ Beartic/Vileplume/Reuniclus (DE)
Otakar Bursa w/ TZPS (CZ) vs. Michal Bartosik w/Typhlosion/Reshiram/Basculin/Zekrom (CZ)
Martin van der Vis  w/ Yanmega/Cinccino/Roserade (NL) vs. Moreno Marcucci w/ TZPS (IT)

Deck Totals

6 Typhlosion/Reshiram
4 Yanmega/Magnezone
3 Lanturn/Yanmega/Zekrom
2 Gothitelle
2 Beartic/Vileplume/Reuniclus
2 Slowking/Weavile
1 The Truth
1 Mew/Vileplume/ERL
1 Cinccino/Yanmega/Roserade
1 Cinccino/Kingdra
1 Typhlosion/Reshiram/Magnezone
1 ?

Day Two Results

Congratulations to the players advancing onto the Top 16!

Cedric Gouin (FR) vs. Ole Stognief (DE)
Christian Gessner (DE) vs. Marcin Kurek (PL)
Darius Scarno (IT) vs. Moreno Marcucci (IT)
Filipp Lausch (AU) vs. Maxime Rouvreau (FR)
Finn Looft (DE) vs. Kay Luedecke (DE)
Joshua Galys (DE) vs. Lorenzo Pieri (IT)
Karl Peters (DE) vs. Stephane Ivanoff (FR)
Otakar Bursa (CZ) vs. Stefan Weber (DE)

Now we’re down to the Top 8!

Cedric Gouin (FR) vs. Moreno Marcucci (IT)
Filipp Lausch (AU) vs. Stefan Weber (DE)
Finn Looft (DE) vs. Marcin Kurek (PL)
Joshua Galys (DE) vs. Stephane Ivanoff (FR)

The Top 4 players are in!

Cedric Gouin (FR) vs. Stephane Ivanoff (FR)
Filipp Lausch (AU) vs. Finn Looft (DE)

Decks: 2 Yanmega/Magnezone, 2 TZPS

Congratulations to the Top 4 players! Who will take home the title and the first place prize?

Well, here are the Finalists for each division!

Masters: Stephane Ivanoff w/ TZPS (FR) vs. Finn Looft w/ Yanmega/Magnezone (DE)
Winner: Stephane Ivanoff w/ TZPS (FR)

Seniors: Alexandre Marcant w/ TZPS (FR) vs. Philip Schulz w/ Yanmega/Lanturn/Zekrom (DE)
Winner: Alexandre Marcant w/ TZPS (FR)

Juniors: Ilan Louboff w/ Typhlosion/Reshiram (FR) vs. Vianney Leroy w/ Typhlosion/Reshiram (FR)
Winner: Ilan Louboff w/ Typhlosion/Reshiram (FR)

Congratulations to Stephane, Alexandre, and Ilan for winning 10 Championship Points, a travel award, and much more! According to our sources, the top cut rounds were reduced to a 45 minute time limit for best 2/3 due to time constraints, which may have affected the winning decks. In addition, French players took Prague by storm, taking first in every division. At the very least, the tournament provided very interesting results!

Thanks to Tamoo from PokéScoop and Mischko from PokéWorld for providing updates!

Here are some pictures of the venue provided by David Sturm!

5 responses to “Prague Cup Updates”

  1. Anonymous

    Great tournament. Number of masters was 135 so there were 187 players total.

  2. T2beartic

    what happen to nikola vakarelov?

    1. T2beartic

      he died of the french accent

    2. ursuss

      Nikola did well the first day as he reached tops but lost his top32 match. Unusual for him (he earned a tournament win vs. myself in october though)

    3. ursuss

      Nikola did well the first day as he reached tops but lost his top32 match. Unusual for him (he earned a tournament win vs. myself in october though)