Episode Fifteen

Topics: Regionals, Matchups

7 responses to “Episode Fifteen”

  1. Anonymous

    The is something wrong with the sound?

  2. Anonymous

    yep there is a humm in it as if someone had a dryer on right next to them

  3. ben

    Any chance that this show be re-uploaded without the humm noise in the background?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Yes, we are working on fixing it. We just had Regionals over the weekend, which delayed it. It should be up within the week!

  4. Andrew Carbon

    Stage 1’s against Zekrom, have to say that Zekrom has a slight advantage just because of its speed. Stage 1’s are still great, they will be for a while. I just think Zekrom has the slight advantage there, though its far from an auto-win.

    Also, whats up with the dryer in the background? 😀 lol.

  5. rik

    this doesnt appear in the show playlist module to open as mp3

    1. Drew Holton

      Due to the sound error this video has not been uploaded as an MP3 yet. We are in the process of fixing the video and it will be available in the next few days hopefully.