Glendale, WI City Top 8 – Kyle Sucevich vs. Andrew Temen

7 responses to “Glendale, WI City Top 8 – Kyle Sucevich vs. Andrew Temen”

  1. CalebM

    amazing commentary!

  2. Curtis McMillan Hill

    Moral of the Story don’t rely on coin flips to win.

  3. Anonymous

    Nice commentary Drew. I really do like the Vanilluxe deck, esp. with Kingdra, but it is seriously not a winning strategy to rely on coin flips. Quad tails is absolutely heart breaking.

  4. Michael

    Can someone explain to me why it’s a bad idea to knock out Cleffa at the beginning? I really don’t get how you’re at any better of a spot leaving it alive, especially with trainer lock coming- It’s safe on the bench. Is it just to make sure their bench remains more cluttered? Harder for them to get out what they need on their bench?

  5. guest

    It gives them Twins access.

  6. lucas mazzega

    Oh that water energy…

  7. Mattynate

    i prefer mew/vanilluxe just because it is greatly faster