Tuesday Tutorial #5 – Dealing With Trainer Lock

3 responses to “Tuesday Tutorial #5 – Dealing With Trainer Lock”

  1. Crabernathy914

    Nice work!! Double tails on sleep helps too =P

  2. Chris Abernathy

    One thing I’d like to add to this is in some special circumstances, if you know your area is going to be overran in trainer lock decks, you can make some key switches in your deck before that will help you do better against them. A good example of this is putting in a few Collector in Zekrom instead of just 4 dual ball, doing this can also help you in non-trainer lock if you need to get basics out. Another popular one is putting in a Black Belt in your deck to help deal with Gothitelle.

  3. Watusa

    You also could have darkness howled and use the DCL+ 1 psychic to moon’s invite to put the dmg on vileplume knocking it out then pokemon communication next turn for your second ttar via rare candy then re-setup