Episode Eighteen

Topics: Cities, Independent Tournament Structure

3 responses to “Episode Eighteen”

  1. Sciserr

    Seriously, Lanturn/Eelektrik-toolbox has a counter to pretty much anything! Magnezone/Eelektrik autolosses to anything with a 3-3 Donphan, and it has ISSUES with Chandelure.

  2. KevNance

    This is an incredible idea. Me and my brother (Erik Nance) have been discussing how a “higher game” status could be achieved. The lack of prize support has decreased the appeal of pokemon toward competitive players. I feel as though I am a fairly competitive player and I was incredibly close to dropping Pokemon this year entirely because of no scholarship incentive. The idea of constructing more balanced rules (no first turn trainers or donks) into our own tournaments could definitely lessen the effects of luck in games. Also, perhaps we could contact Star City Games and understand how exactly their business was able to fit into Magic and take over that role of tournament organization. Pokemon’s community will always be devoted to the game whether there are scholarships or not, so why not take a chance at expanding it? I love the game and enjoy simply playing for fun, but I also miss the days that the game was taken seriously with the incentive of monetary gain.

  3. jogamijo

    If it is true that Pokemon wants to make the card game like the video game with the high powered legends, I feel that an outside source tournament is going to be very necessary, maybe even needed, to see any creative/competitive type of tournaments and play. Otherwise we will see what is happening with the video game, and that is as you said, playing with nothing but Legendaries.

    The only concern I see for these types of tournaments would be, being able to host many tournaments in different areas across the nation for everyone to enjoy. Maybe you may need some sort of organization to spread the word, host the tourneys and being able to follow the rules provided. Also have different levels of tournaments. Being my first season of Pokemon, the free tournaments are nice to be able to get that tournament feel, these free tournaments, or maybe even an entrance fee of $2-$5, would allow beginners to get more comfortable with the game, as well as let them feel more relaxed seeing as there wouldn’t be much on the line, before going to the tournaments where the more experienced players will be playing for those bigger prizes.

    With new rules set “banning” these Legendary cards from a tournament, you may also see more players showing up for the fact that they won’t need to have 4 of every Legendary card to stand a chance. They will be able to spend less by purchasing the less expensive rares, and use the money they would be saving to attend the tournaments (given they have an entrance fee).

    just my thoughts from a new guy.