Episode Twenty

5 responses to “Episode Twenty”

  1. Anonymous

    “You really don’t want to lose to the guy with the Elekid hat. That’s just like an insult.” –Kyle S., 25:14.

    Wow, perhaps I should start using Kyle’s quote in my signature. But I don’t think “insult” is the right word: perhaps “humiliating”. Because I’m not insulting anyone by wearing the hat; if you feel humiliated after a loss, that’s your perception. (And my wife thinks that I should feel humiliated for wearing it, but I think it’s cool.)

    In the Arizona 3-day mini-marathon, 4 of the good Southern California players came and played; on one day they took the top 3 positions. I really liked the fact that all 4 of them wore goofy hats. (Perhaps it was a friendly gesture, so Arizona players wouldn’t treat them like out-of-state carpetbaggers who came in to grab our points.)

    1. Alex Holdway

      Bruce, you’re just running riot!

    2. Kyle Sucevich

      Bruce, I’m glad you didn’t take offense to the comment. It was a pleasure to meet you, and people like you are the reason that this game is as great as it is. I can tell you have a great passion and love for the game, and that is cool. Hope to see you at more events in the future!

      Still, there’s just something wrong about losing to the guy wearing the Elekid hat. :)

    3. Anonymous

      Carpetbaggers? I was only wearing my Angry Birds hat because I like it =/

      1. Anonymous

        Hey, I said “perhaps”, no offense intended; glad you like to wear your hat. I didn’t notice you guys wearing the hats on the days I attended the SoCal marathon, and so my crumbling old mind wondered if perhaps they were worn just for Arizona.

        I don’t want to start a big “carpetbagging” controversy, but I always feel kinda sorry for the local players who are unable to travel to distant events, have only a few local events to try to win a few points, and then travelers from far away come in and grab the points. For example, there were only two city championships in New Mexico, and most of the points were taken by out-of-state players. It’s the nature of the point system, but I myself feel like a carpetbagger when I do it. It adds a dash of guilt (as I think it should) to the pleasure of having done well and gotten some points. I didn’t mean to single you guys out, I was just referring to the general situation.

        Peace, Ruben, peace. As far as I’m concerned, you’re one of the good guys.