European Challenge Cup Updates (Now With Top 32!)

In this thread, we will be posting updates for the ongoing European Challenge Cup. When we get new information, we will fill in the details!

Here is the breakdown of players by age division.

Masters: 228 players
Seniors: 70 players
Juniors: 34 players

The Top 32 standings are in! We will attempt to fill in the decks as we go.

1) Stian Nilsson (Thundurus/Terrakion/Zekrom EX/Mewtwo/Eelektrik)
2) Tom Hall (Zekrom/Mewtwo/Eelektrik)
3) Mikael Jacobs
4) Anders Lien (Cobalion/Kyurem/Kyurem EX/Terrakion/Electrode)
5) Maxime Rouvreau (Zebstrika/Mewtwo/Zekrom EX/Eelektrik)
6) Isto Juntunen (Zekrom/Mewtwo/Eelektrik)
7) Robin Schulz (Zebstrika/Zekrom/Eelektrik/Techs)
8 ) Simon Eriksen (Chandelure)
9) Matteo Laici (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus)
10) Christian Gessner (Magnezone/Eelektrik/Terrakion)
11) Pablo Meza (Zekrom/Mewtwo/Eelektrik)
12) David Booij (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus)
13) David Meulenbroeks (Donphan/Dragons)
14) Simone Soldo (Magnezone/Eelektrik/Zekrom EX)
15) Gawein Wagner (Typhlosion/Magnezone)
16) Joshua Vanoverschelde (Magnezone/Eelektrik/Zekrom EX)
17) Alex Stauffer (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
18) Esa Juntunen (Celebi/Mewtwo)
19) Alessandro Cremascoli (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus)
20) Mees Brenninkmeijer (Mew/Chandelure/Crobat/Jumpluff/Yanmega/Terrakion)
21) Björn Reinsdorf (Zebstrika/Zekrom/Eelektrik/Techs)
22) Matijs Moree (The Truth)
23) Benjamin Behrens (Thundurus/Terrakion/Zekrom EX/Mewtwo/Eelektrik)
24) Miguel Garcia (Zebstrika/Zekrom/Articuno/Eelektrik)
25) Jouni Lehtinen (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
26) Marco Escher (Durant)
27) George Boon (Magnezone/Eelektrik)
28) Fin Looft (Yanmega/Magnezone)
29) Gunter van Roey (Durant/Shaymin EX)
30) Tord Reklev (Magnezone/Mewtwo/Eelektrk)
31) Steven Mao (Typhlosion/Reshiram)
32) Cristophe Caron (Durant)

If you have any information on the tournament, please contact us at Otherwise, follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates to see when we add more information to the thread. Thank you!

Thank you to Eskil Vestre, Riccardo Maganza, Robin Schulz, and Marek Rehacek for help with information!


39 responses to “European Challenge Cup Updates (Now With Top 32!)”

  1. Anonymous

    Tom Hall is playing Zekrom/Eels

    1. Anonymous

      Hey Dan, just wanna ask is his version running the EX version of Zekrom or Mewtwo perhaps?

      1. Anonymous

        Hey, I don’t know his list but I would guess at least one of each.

        1. Caleb Sodding Mullins

          is mewtwo/celebi/friends doing well?

          1. Drakospaladin101

            The way it is looking, It isn’t The greatest, but it is doing very well. Has at least 5 spots in the list. Let’s hope it wins

        2. Anonymous

          Thanks Dan :)

  2. sdrawkcab

    Thanks for the info. Keep us posted!

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for the update fellas. Keep ’em coming!

  4. Andceo

    From what i heard, Zebstrika was very popular. Anti-Durant tech?

    1. Raen

      It may be popular, but just judging from the top cut that we know so far, it doesn’t look like it’s doing that well.

      Not to mention Durant, too.

  5. Justin Sanchez

    zebstrika <3

  6. Anonymous

    mees <3

  7. Dylan

    What on EARTH is Mees playing?

    1. Confesor Davila

      Deck based around See Off. Mewbox from what it looks like. Just no Vileplume.

      1. Anonymous

        Just an insanely fast anti meta deck.

    2. Mees Brenninkmeijer

      4 mew
      4-3 yanmega
      2 terrakion
      1 crobat
      1 chandelure
      1 jumpluff
      1 shaymin
      4 prism
      4 rainbow
      2 psy
      2 fight
      4 collector
      4 juniper
      2 pont
      2 copycat
      2 N
      3 junk arm
      3 catcher
      3 switch
      2 communication
      2 lost remover
      2 pokegear
      1 level ball
      1 super rod

  8. Anonymous

    The list is crazy, but its sooo goood

  9. Anonymous

    Mathijs is playing Vileplume/Reuniclus.

  10. Drakospaladin101

    Hey PokemanDan, How did you do in the ECC? I hope it was good. And what did you play?

    1. Anonymous

      Couldn’t afford to go unfortunately :(

  11. Joseph Lewis

    Does anybody know the top 16, top 8, top 4, top 2, and winner yet?

    1. Anonymous

      they finish top cut tomorrow genius

      1. Joseph Lewis

        No need for sarcasm. I’ve never heard of the ECC before this year, so I wouldn’t know.

      2. Joseph Lewis

        No need for sarcasm. I was just asking a question.

        1. Dave W

          Celebi/Tornadus/Mewtwo won, Zekrom/Eels/Mewtwo/Thundurus took second.

          1. Joseph Lewis

            Cool! Do you know who was playing the first and second decks?

          2. Paul van Harten

            David Booij played EXTC, Benjamin Behrens played Zekrom/Eels/Mewtwo EX/Tornadus.

  12. Luis Felipe Muñoz Astorga

    i dont see any reshiboar ex :(

  13. David Sun

    Apparently Pokemon cards are very popular among European seniors, that’s really cool :)

  14. Anonymous

    David Booij’s Mewtwo Celebi wins it against a Zekrom/Mewtwo/Eel in the final!!!!

  15. Mees Brenninkmeijer

    number 4 was CKE with terrakion and kyurem EX
    number 29 was Durant with shaymin ex and seeker
    number 15 was typhlo/magnezone

    that’s all i know

  16. Anonymous

    Mikael Jacobs played Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus 😉

  17. Luby

    If you’re still trying to complete the list, Maxime Rouvreau (5) was playing Zebstrika/Eelektrik/Mewtwo/Zekrom EX.

  18. Guest

    Does anyone know benjamin’s list?

  19. drakospaladin101

    I would like everyones opinion on this. States is obviously coming up and I have a choice to run one of two decks, EXTC or ChromeDome. I have the cards for them and I really don’t know what to play. I really wanna do well at states. What do you guys think?

    1. Raen

      Build them both, playtest them both, figure out which one you like best and which one does the best, and choose your deck based on your playtesting. Simple as that.

      1. Drakospaladin101

        I’m doing that right now actually. I like them both, is the problem. I think I’m just going to go with EXTC since it seems to be more consistent and I rarely get bad hands. Thank you for the imput. Have a great day

  20. coolestman22

    I heard that the 3 spot was Mewtwo/Celebi/Tornadus/Shaymin EX on 6p.

  21. bankai

    does anyone have matijs moree truth list