Virginia States – Round 6

5 responses to “Virginia States – Round 6”

  1. guest

    I don’t see why you’d play so many terrakion on the bench this early….

    1. Hiimjimmeh

      because you dont want to shuffle them back into the deck when youre trying to get exp.share

  2. coolestman22

    I saw Curran look at his phone a couple times during the game, isn’t he not allowed to?

  3. Pikabruce

    Pram’s commentary was correct at the end: The game should have gone to Sudden Death. Wonder how Curran Hill feels about not realizing that! (Fortunately, he went on to win the top cut anyway.)

    1. Alex Humanick

      I don’t think Curran is/would be too upset seeing as he ended up winning the whole tournament regardless.