Wisconsin Regionals – Finals

7 responses to “Wisconsin Regionals – Finals”

  1. AM004

    Jason should do more commentary for TTC he is hilarioius

  2. AB

    Not hilarious at all. Total scumbag.

    1. Adam Keibler

      Are you serious?

      1. Kyle Sucevich

        AB = Ashley Bennett…

  3. Caikenfan06

    Awesome commentary

  4. Guest

    Congratulations Kyle! :)
    I really think the game slipped out of Nikolas’ hands when he decided to stop benching tynamos. He would have had more options had he gotten at least one eelektrik into play.
    Flawless play from Kyle though and GREAT commentary by Jason; the best I’ve heard.

  5. Guest

    Sitting there smoking a cigarette saying I aint goin nowhere.I’m a two retreater