Deck Breakdown – Zekrom/Eelektrik

5 responses to “Deck Breakdown – Zekrom/Eelektrik”

  1. RenHoek

    Oh, Pooka! I never thought that you would share the detailed list of your winning deck and show and illustrate the reason behind each of your decisions. Definitely many players out there will try your list.
    A couple of questions for you: do you believe that with DEX’s release, Zeels continues being one of the best -or the best- decks in the format? What do you think about Raikou and Tornadus EX in this deck? Thank you and congratulations for your success during this season.

    1. pokeray90

      wow…yeah never saw this coming lol

  2. Owilson2

    Thanks for posting the list! I built it and played a few games with it. I was wondering how you took on the durant match up because it was a little difficult for me to get around the catchers in early game due to those times where you are stuck with a 40hp tynamo or a bouffalant. It performed great otherwise.

  3. João Brás

    I watched every match you played and wrote down every card you played, so that I could build yourlist myself 😛 I missed the 4th catcher, though :/

  4. Fabrizio_bellucci1

    Hey Pooka, what do you think about de smeargle engine with skyarrow in this deck???