Vote on Your Favorite Playmat Designs!

So far we’ve received a ton of submissions for the playmat design contest. Thank you to everyone who entered! Unfortunately, there can be only one winner, so we had to narrow down the options. Here is what we have so far for the top contenders. Tell us which one you like the best in the comments. Also, we are accepting submissions until April 30th, so send in your designs if you have them! Thank you!

62 responses to “Vote on Your Favorite Playmat Designs!”

  1. Adam Keibler

    Mia Violet

  2. Ddub65


    Those are my top 3 but all of them are really good!

  3. Andrew Kelly


  4. Jason Mahdniw

    eww alll are pretty disappointing. i thought i was gonna expect a playmat with a large still image of the fat bouncing cat….

  5. Zach Benck

    Jessica and thimmy

  6. Noah Wagner-Carlberg


  7. Seeker

    jessica MUST win this !

  8. Dylan


  9. Alex Humanick


  10. Ethan Mommaerts


  11. ninjadeathstrike

    1. Jessica
    2, Chris

  12. Johnny Rodriguez

    Kris Genthe

  13. JKCDXX

    All are very good, kudos to all the designers…I would vote for 1. Darkarca, 2. Kris, 3. Thimmy…

  14. TravisNunlist

    1. Jessica
    2. Kris

  15. CardKaptor

    I really like Jordan’s. I like that it is not too busy, while there is still a clear “pokeball” going on. I also like that there are natural places for most everything that would go onto a board state (except the lost zone) and putting stuff on it doesn’t cover the Top Cut logo.

    After that my most prefered would be Malocide then Chris.

  16. Trenton Armas

    Jessica Roest

  17. Maxwell Baerd

    Jordan Radford

  18. guest

    1. Mia
    2. Chris

  19. Gyarados11


  20. Michael Arvat

    It’s a tough choice, but I’m going to have to stick with Mia Violet’s. Chris comes in a close second, I dislike the extra text at the bottom and the plain white font throws me off a little. Mia’s design is extremely simplistic and definitely a lot more eye popping – I think it’d get way more looks from players passing by, and the marbled effect makes it look nice n glossy.

    1. Mia
    2. Chris

  21. Mia Violet

    Hey, Mia here. Not going to vote for myself since that’s rather shameful, so I’ll give a heads up to Chris. His design is really great, I just hope the gradient is harsh because of compression and isn’t supposed to be in the final image!

  22. Namurashi

    1. Chris
    2. Mia

  23. Anthonyarmas


  24. Ambarnes87


  25. Arcanyx

    Darkarca, Mia, Malocide and Chris are my top picks. I’d rank them as follows:


  26. Jared

    3. Chris

  27. Hawkeye1312

    I would vote:


    My two cents worth.

  28. coolestman22

    1. Jessica
    2. Kris

  29. Squeaky Marking


  30. Guest

    1. Mia
    2. Chris
    3. Malocide

  31. Obi1kinob


  32. Zach Elliott

    1. Chris
    2. Malocide

  33. Jesse

    1)Jordan Radford

  34. Josh Roest

    One word…Jessica’s playmat design must win.

    1. coolestman22

      I don’t believe that’s one word, but I agree.

  35. Budda

    1 Chris
    2 Malocide
    3 Mia

  36. Guest


  37. guoming66

    Jessica Roest

  38. Dragontown

    malocide by a landoslide

  39. Jeff Sergel

    1. Chris
    2. Jordan Radford
    3. Mia Violet

  40. Rhett Levi Jones

    1. Kris Genthe – This one is freaking priceless, I would easily use this mat.
    2. Jimmy O’Brien – This one just looks nice and neat.

  41. Lvank

    They’all pretty bad to be honest! When is the last day to summit?

  42. Alex B

    Kris Genthe

  43. João Brás


  44. Shawn Roest

    1. Jessica
    2. everyone else

  45. Raen

    I have to go with Chris first, and the Kris. Jessica’s is unusable due to copywrite issues, I though you guys would have realized that? It has both Starcraft II and Lord of the Rings, it won’t work at all.

    And I think that the one made by Chris HAS to be the best between Kris and Chris (this sounds funny), since it would last longer and be more relevant longer. Who knows if all the members of the Top Cut will always be around?

    I also like a clean playing field.

    1. Shawn Roest

      It’s not infringement. Do some research xD

      1. Jonathan C

        I’m sorry but a capture from Game of Thrones is indeed copyright infringement.

        1. Shawn Roest

          That’s why there’s no capture from Game of Thrones.

          1. Mia Violet

            It would also violate the copyright on Nyancat. And yes, there is one, since my company had to pay license fees to use it in a commercial product. This mat would be for public sale, for profit, and thus, it must NOT include any copyrighted information on it, such as LotR, Starcraft, or Nyan Cat. Top Cut would be in some very deep stuff if they chose that mat as-is to print :

    2. coolestman22

      Assuming there are copyright issues, are those companies really going to find out? Not everyone in the world plays pokemon.

  46. SoulDew

    1. Jessica
    2. Chris

  47. Owilson2


  48. Confesor Davila


  49. Jonathan C

    Jordan Radford’s design

  50. Flyinghippos123


  51. Joedexter

    jordan radford

  52. JoshA11


  53. Bob Cobb

    1. Malocide
    2. Katie

  54. Anthony Harper

    1. Chris
    2. Jimmy O’Brien

  55. Mike Lesky


  56. dar2

    who are these Roest family? The best design for a playmat for me would be Chris and Katie. I dont really like having my playmat looks too hectic.