2012 Philadelphia Regionals – Top 8

2 responses to “2012 Philadelphia Regionals – Top 8”

  1. Sam Chen

    Kyle and Crim, the Regigigas EX is in there solely as a tech for Durant. Having the Regigigas EX in there makes Durant a 55-45 matchup, as opposed to a 40-60 or worse. Regigigas’ 3 energy attack means you start drawing prizes earlier. In my Round 6 match against Durant, my opponent hit her first 4 Crushing Hammers, but I was still able to pull the match out because I could get knockouts with only 3 energy. If I hadn’t used Regigigas (and went aggro Mewtwo EX instead), the Crushing Hammers would be deadly. It’s also situationally useful against Zekeels, but not necessary for the matchup.

  2. Annonymous

    N shell shock victims recorded on the Top Cut:
    Andrew Reynolds
    Tyson Stephan
    the list will certainly continue…