Playmat Design Contest Winner!

After looking through a ton of entries, we have decided on a winner. Thank you to everyone who entered! We truly appreciate the passion and support you showed for us. However, there can be only one winner.

While there were several worthy of winning, we decided to stick with a fairly simple design for our first playmat. We wanted one with bright, bold colors that would stick out, but not one that had too much going on. Of course, we needed one that would have our logo highly visible so people know that it’s a playmat from The Top Cut! It was very difficult to decide on just one, but we had to do it. So, without further adieu, here is the winning design…

Congratulations to Chris Bloom from Michigan! He sent in the winning design, and he will receive a t-shirt and playmat as our thanks to him! We will be having these made soon, so we will have them for sale shortly!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the contest. Even if your design didn’t get picked this time, we may use it for a future playmat or for something else, so don’t be discouraged! We were surprised by how many great designs we were given, and everyone who sent in an entry deserves a round of applause. Thanks again for all of the support, and we’ll have our playmats on sale shortly!

7 responses to “Playmat Design Contest Winner!”

  1. Shawn Roest

    Congrats Chris. I really wanted Jessica to win though ;P

    1. Trenton Armas

      Hmm I wonder why that would be?

  2. Dylan D

    Looks pretty nice. Is there any estimate of how much these mats will be yet?

  3. Mia Violet

    Grats Chris, glad you won. Awesome design 😀

  4. JoshA11

    wow I am very surprised I defiantly thought Jessica would of won.

  5. Carlitosbob

    Nice, it even has a spot to write you’re name on it (under top) :p

    Great design. Now if only the shirts were like that too…

  6. Cpeterik

    I like it. Reminds me of Vanilla Coke.