2012 Philadelphia Regionals – Finals

4 responses to “2012 Philadelphia Regionals – Finals”

  1. coolestman22

    Michael attacked into Regigigas in Game Two to bait Dylan into killing Thundurus instead of Tynamo, but that apparently didn’t work.

  2. Hamster

    For some reason, I didn’t see that I had 2 free retreat Tynamo in play game 3. So many things could’ve gone wrong throughout the match, especially starting with 30 HP Pokemon all 3 games. Kinda nice to watch my arms flailing around for an hour. Thanks for the upload :)

  3. coolestman22

    Is it possible that Dylan runs 3 Mewtwo? If he does, his Mewtwo play might be trying to bait Michael into a Mewtwo war.

  4. Skdjflsdkjfs

    I heard Dylan lost to this phenomenal player at a battleroad, can’t remember his name but he played a very interesting Reshiphlosion list. Cheers.