PlayTCG – Darkrai/Tornadus vs. Lilligant

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  1. Petros


  2. Josh Pokroy

    for any one who wanted to know i believe this is the list he played:

    3 darkrai
    2 tornadus ex
    2 smeargle
    2 mewtwo
    1 sable eye

    4 pont
    4 juniper
    2 n

    4 junk arm
    4 dark patch
    3 catcher
    3 eveolite
    2 ultra ball
    2 random reciver
    2 dual ball
    1 super rod
    2 pluspower
    2 switch

    3 skyarrow

    9 dark
    3 dce

    1. Mekkah

      Could be mistaken but I don’t think the purpose of these videos is to allow you to just copy down the player’s lists like that. The top cut members have explicitly refused to post their lists before, stating you’d never see a deck list from them. I think it’s only fair to respect that considering all the content they’re providing for free. I realize the recent deck breakdown videos are an exception, but they were only posted after the format they were relevant in ended.

      If I’m wrong then w/e, but I personally wouldn’t like it if people copied my list like that.

      1. David Sun

        well it’s not like Kyle’s trying really hard to hide his list or sth as these playTCG and PTCGO videos reveal pretty much the whole deck. Although they did state that thetopcut does not post decklists, that’s pretty much referring to tournament winning decks. This is a quite casual playTCG game so I don’t think Kyle would mind

        1. Josh Pokroy

          Agreed, he showed the whole list when he searched in the beginning and I was interested in how the deck ran and I am sure other people were too so I saved every one the trouble of going through the mixed cards and wrote the list. If Kyle or any other top cut member does not want me to keep the list up there I will take it down if asked.

    2. Correction

      8 dark 4 DCE
      3 N 1 Receiver

  3. Mattjacaruso

    Hey Kyle, what was that crazy mew prime/accelgor troll deck you played a couple games with on one of your streams? do you have a deck list for it?

  4. Balasar

    kinda a noobish question, but how do you record these matches with Windows 7 for PC?