PlayTCG – Accelgor vs. Donphan

2 responses to “PlayTCG – Accelgor vs. Donphan”

  1. pokejav

    Kyle: I truly enjoyed watching this frustrating deck at work. It’s always enjoyable to hear your detailed, on-point, narration. I was chuckling along with you seeing Relicanth attacking and winning you the game. How competitive could this deck truly be? PokeJav in Miami, FL.

  2. ChampBuster

    Ran a variant of the deck above at two BRs in NC and was able to go 4-2 both days against some good comp. Ran kingdra prime for kos b/w turns and celibi with skyarrow bridge for energy excell. onto mews. Played 3 Juniper to thin out my deck and 1 Shaymin EX for the late game kos. Really fun deck. If anyone wants to play me let me know.