Poké Center – Episode #6

8 responses to “Poké Center – Episode #6”

  1. coolestman22

    Wait… PTCGO is down indefinitely? I thought they were just going to fix it up, and make it downloadable.

    If you’re right, do codes still have any value?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      What I meant is that PTCGO is down until the new version is ready; the old version was taken down for the time being. Your codes will be fine once the program relaunches at the end of the summer.

      1. Anthony Martin

        PvP is what was taken down, you can redeem codes, trade, and play against AI as usual.

  2. Jonott1122

    Hi that klingklang deck you were talking about that’s so crazy that it is winning battle roads I made that deck right after dark explorers was released it works really well. Are the people who are using it using cobalion or other ex’s? My deck has darkrai Klux.gklang and cobalion as the main attackers I’m just curious if other people are using it the same way?

    1. coolestman22

      Cobalion is one-shot by too much for this to work, you want something that can take a hit and then Max Potion the damage off.

      1. Jonott1122

        Not with an evialite and 3 special metal and max potion works perfect with Klingon klang because you can move the energy off max potion and then move it back on against cmt especially it does really well because of resistance and the fact that you attack lock is awesome as well

        1. coolestman22

          OK, but you need something that can tank better. You only run 3 Special Metal and 2 Eviolite and you aren’t going to get all of them onto one Cobalion, and even then all you need is Zekrom-EX + Double PlusPower and you have the KO.

          1. Juonott1122

            true but with kling klang you can move energy aroung to who ever you need the special metal on and also you are forgeting about scizor prime with this combo he does more damage for every metal energy on him and he cant be hurt if your opponent has any special energy on them. also most decks dont run zekrom ex anymore because they dont want to give up the extra prize. so yes cobalion can still be one shotted but it will definatly not be an easy ohko