The Top Cut – Episode Thirty-Three

3 responses to “The Top Cut – Episode Thirty-Three”

  1. N Smith202

    i think we need rouge decks because the game is becoming stall its the same thing over and over agian 40% terrakian 40% zeels and 20% darkrai

    1. The Matteo

      I think there is a lot more Darkrai EX than 20 percent… ? I mean on PLAYTCG online I have had over 20 matches in a row all V the same decks [Darkrai EX,,,,, Darkrai EX-Tornadus EX,,,,,Darkrai EX-Terrakion]

      And Klinklang EX is an excellent viable deck.. [minus Lost Remover problems]

  2. gobruins4

    i cocour with n smith 202 its not like the older days when like beedrill won worlds and other things its been realy stander latly