US Spring Battle Road Results

Information taken from thread on PokéGym. Thanks to PokéGym user sdrawkcab for the information!

Top 4 Finishes

Deck Total 1st 2nd 3rd/4th
Darkrai* 116 46 24 46
Zekrom/Eelektrik 93 15 26 52
Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus 50 08 15 27
Solo Fighting** 27 6 09 12
Klinklang 12 04 02 06
Tornadus/Terrakion/Mewtwo 12 04 02 06
Entei 08 02 01 05
Durant 08 01 00 07
The Truth 07 01 01 05
Empoleon/Terrakion 05 01 00 04
Mew/Vanilluxe 03 01 01 01
Mew/Accelgor 03 00 00 03
Lugia LEGEND/Terrakion 02 02 00 00
Donphan/Tornadus 02 01 01 00
Terrakion/Eelektrik 02 01 01 00
Donphan/Mewtwo 02 01 00 01
ZPST 02 00 01 01
Donphan/Cobalion 02 00 00 02
Typhlosion/Reshiram 02 00 00 02
Kyurem EX/Kyurem/Mewtwo 02 00 00 02
Accelgor/Vileplume 02 00 00 02

Note: Decks with only one appearance were left off the list.
*Darkrai variants include ones with Tornadus EX, Terrakion, Sableye, Weavile, or Mewtwo.
**Solo Fighting decks are those including some combination of Terrakion, Groudon EX, or Landorus. May include Mewtwo.

24 responses to “US Spring Battle Road Results”

  1. Chris Silver

    That is a lot of Darkrai.

  2. Rob-GAJP

    Pooka your Solo Fighting 2nd and 3rd/4th columns need updating … total is 27 , but you have 10 wins and 00 in the other 2 .

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Thanks, Roberto! I fixed it.

    2. Sdfds

      Sorry, that was my bad, when I was shifting the columns around in excel I forgot that I had formatted them, so it appeared like that for a few minutes before I noticed =p

  3. Curtis

    Lugia LEGEND/ Terrakion? I must know more!

    1. Pikabruce

      You can see one of the final rounds (donking a Darkrai EX!) here:

  4. Cfourcoltsfan

    klinklang is apparently secret meta….maybe crimz wasn’t wrong? lol

    1. sdrawkcab

      Crimz said KK was horrible, he was definitely wrong.

      1. David Sun

        KK is good or decent against everything except hammertime

        1. Jonott1122

          Not if your klingklang deck runs vileplume as well it actually works quite well

          1. Drakospaladin101

            Klingklang NEEDS trainers. Vileplume wouldnt work very well

          2. coolestman22

            Theoretically if you played a really thick Blissey Prime line and 4 Seeker it could work, but it’d be better just to play Trainers.

          3. Micah Tate

            If you’re running Klinklang with Vileplume with healing, why not just run Truth instead?

          4. coolestman22


          5. Micah Tate

            Raikou is hardly played though; it seems less popular than Zekrom EX and fire decks at least =/

          6. Jonott1122

            Or how about just putting a bellosome in your deck for hustle step. It evolves from same line as vileplume and seeker instead of max potion.

          7. coolestman22

            Because it isn’t very good. You’ll still get OHKOed regardless of the 10 heal. You need a more powerful healer.

  5. Hawkeye1312

    I take a quick break from the game, and suddenly Dark types are killing off CMT and Zekeels…and I didn’t even make the Dark Explorers Prerelease. Did Zoroark DEX make any appearances in Top Cut?

  6. coolestman22

    Do Top 4 Finishes include wins, seconds, thirds, and fourths, or just thirds and fourths?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Top 4 finishes means any finish in the Top 4 or better. So, yes, it includes first and second place finishes as well.

  7. Drakospaladin101

    Ok, so i made a Darkrai Weavile Smeargle deck, and its fast and consistent and really good actually. Tomortow there is a tournament that im going to and i only have 2 Darkrai’s and the deck plays 3. Does any one have an idea in what to do to replace 1 of them? Maybe a revive or a super rod? I want to do well, so please help

  8. pkolaboy

    Hawaii’s Information was left out. Empoleon/Terrakion made second.

  9. coolestman22

    I thought EelZone won a BR somewhere, was I wrong?

  10. Vanguardmetrics

    Well thank you for leaving out Ventura, CA battle Roads! I got 3rd with zekeels