Glendale, WI Battle Road Report

19 responses to “Glendale, WI Battle Road Report”

  1. AB

    Omg, we have the same shirt!

  2. John Kiefler

    Did you have any Shaymin EX in there or did you not want to put in special energy for it?

    1. Pooka311

      I considered Shaymin EX or Mewtwo EX, but the risk of starting with an EX in this deck just isn’t worth it.

  3. Micah Tate

    LOL, quad Stunfisk 18:39 Great job man! I’ve always loved VVV and I’m glad to here it’s still being played (even as a joke XP)

  4. GuyB

    Awesome job! I’m glad to see that you did well with this deck. I do have a question tho, if you are not facing EXs, and you only take one prize fer KO, and they KO your 4 Vanilluxe (assuming the game is tied, or maybe youre winning by 1, can you still win? Does this deck have a backup plan?

    1. Maxb

      Vileplume decks run Flower Shop Lady

    2. Pooka311

      Rescue Energy allows you to get back Vanilluxe lines when one gets knocked out. Also, the only non-EX that would KO you in one hit would be Zoroark.

  5. Chris Dreksler

    Vanilluxe and Darkrai don’t like each other.

    1. Pooka311

      Darkrai doesn’t really like ice cream…

  6. Dave Wilson

    Good job, hope to see you at Kenosha BRs

  7. Chuck Rancor

    Take in a fun deck
    Win >.>

    Nice job, just out of opinion do you think Vanilluxe preferable over Accelgor?

    1. Pooka311

      I prefer Vanilluxe because it’s too difficult to keep getting back Accelgor + DCE every turn.

  8. Alberto

    Nice Report, fun deck (depending of the side you are sitting), Id’ll be great to see a list or a skeleton. 😀

  9. coolestman22

    If you play Kyurem and the Slippery Soles Vanilluxe you can lock for longer, and then Glaciate for 2-4 prizes, and then get the lock back up.

    1. Micah Tate

      The problem with Kyurem shenanigans is bench space, N/hand disruption, and the risk of quad tails. Your attacking Vanilluxe get’s KOed after taking a KO, then if the 2nd one flips quad tails, you have to start sending out sacrifices and be completely put out of the game. In the same way N makes Kyurem risky because rescue energy doesn’t give you a full setup any more, you need an extra turn, and in that turn you can be N’ed. And bench space is self explanatory.

  10. Matt jacaruso

    I am also a big fan of the vanilluxe/victini play. how do you think it’ll change once vileplume is gone? still playable at all or not? I know trainer lock is huge but there’s gotta be some way to make playable….or am I just too attached to the card

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Nope, Vanilluxe shouldn’t be viable after Vileplume is gone. If your opponent can play Switch a couple times in a game, you’ll lose.

      1. Matt jacaruso

        I figured as much I just thought there might have been something I was missing.

  11. Guest

    How do you feel the deck’s matchup is against Zekeels in general (assuming they do run mewtwo).