Glendale, WI Battle Road – Top 4

10 responses to “Glendale, WI Battle Road – Top 4”

  1. Micah Tate

    Youtube add was for Coldstone icecream when I watched this XD

  2. Chuck Rancor

    Nice battle, either of you heading to Oconomowoc?

    btw why V-Create Victini?

    1. Chris Dreksler

      I will be in Oconomowoc. Judging the event! I am also going to try and make Kenosha, but that depends on if my teammates want to go or not.

  3. Hggss1

    When will Game 2 be uploaded.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      There’s a link to the second game at the end of the video.

  4. coolestman22

    You probably opted not to play Smeargle because you needed the bench space for Victini in case your opponent didn’t KO your Virizion, IDK who had a smaller deck but he could have stall-winned if you didn’t have Victini.

    1. Chris Dreksler

      I’d never win by stalling. I am all about honor and the SotG. Pooka set up quicker than I could and once that lock gets going, it is very hard to get out of. The only chance you really have is if Double Tails shows up, which doesn’t happen very often.

  5. Hunter

    This is kinda a dumb question, but I read Pooka’s tournament report and am unclear, did he win in top 2 or not?

    1. Chuck Rancor

      he did

  6. Hunter

    In NC and SC we have 90 minutes for top cut and unlimited time for top 2