Kenosha, WI Battle Road – Top 4

5 responses to “Kenosha, WI Battle Road – Top 4”

  1. GuyB

    Awesome deck Yoshi. Good job!

  2. Chris_cobi_634

    You also use the Chandulure to get KOes on the way back to your turn so you can just continue to Paralyze your opponent’s Pokemon without them ever attacking. He counts on being down 4 or 5 prizes, but then you won’t ever get a turn to attack his Pokemon again.

    1. MikeL

      Providing that he continues to hit DCE+Mew

      1. Micah Tate

        And providing that his opponent runs no pokemon with <70 HP

  3. erick

    for the love of god, player on the right sucks so bad.