Thoughts Before Nationals!

5 responses to “Thoughts Before Nationals!”

  1. David Sun

    Extremely looking forward to some epic US national coverage, good luck to everyone who’s attending the largest pokemon TCG event in the world!

  2. coolestman22

    I’d like TCGZapdos a lot more if his voice were easier to understand.

    Good luck at Nats, Pooka!

  3. Someone

    usuck kyle s

  4. Team Gnome

    Appreciate what you guys do for the game… Good luck at Nats.

  5. Ross Gilbert

    Thank goodness you mentioned UK first! I was gonna get angry :p

    I am also aiming to provide regular updates from UK Nats. My Twitter is @thewossy

    If you wanna keep updated / inform people about UK nats, you’re welcome to pilfer it 😉