US Nationals Top 16 – Tom Dolezal vs. Dylan Bryan

15 responses to “US Nationals Top 16 – Tom Dolezal vs. Dylan Bryan”

  1. Victor

    :O-!!! jajaja Draw 3 cards xDD

  2. Frank Diaz

    How long did the final ruling take? Was there a bunch of time edited out at the end?

    1. Pooka311

      Yeah, I just didn’t think anyone wanted to sit around for those painful 20 minutes where nobody knew who actually won.

  3. PokePop

    Really glad to be able to watch this match! Thanks guys.

  4. coolestman22

    You guys are like the guys announcing sports games at ESPN now.

  5. LABits

    Nice to be able to review the end of the match. Thanks guys!

  6. Ross Gilbert

    This is the bluest match ever…

    1. Theman

      I would suggest donating money than so they can get a better camera. Kind of a rude comment considering they do this for FREE and provide this content for FREE!

      1. Theman

        My bad Ross I read that as the bluriest match ever.

        1. Ross Gilbert

          Ha ha. All good man. I LOVE that they do this! I enjoy watching these. They also set up with decent commentary and, far as i can figure, the best possible view of the play area.

          But when both players play in blue shirts, with blue sleeves and a blue table cloth it makes me queasy 😉

    2. Pooka311

      Even the Professor Oak’s New Theory is blue!

  7. Ross Gilbert

    Good job guys!

    But did i miss something? Surely: Free retreat the Darkrai for Misdreavous, Magic Trans, Dual Draw game!

    Instead he waits a turn and loses on a technicality…

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Tom had four cards left in his deck on that turn. Dylan had to wait a turn.

  8. Anthony Kenny

    Dylan was my friend from highschool, i used to tease him cause he played pokemon

    1. derpfaoehgaehjopa

      Wow, cool freaking story.