All National Championship Results!


1) Patricio Gonzales Walsh (Darkrai/Tornadus EX/Terrakion)
2) Javier Favilli (Darkrai/Tornadus EX)
3) Daniel Facciabene (Darkrai/Weavile)
4) Hernan Gilardino (Darkrai/Terrakion)


1) Roland Allen (Terrakion)
2) Yuan Yi (Darkrai/Terrakion/Mewtwo)
3) Shaun Murphy (Darkrai/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion)
4) Myles O’Neill (Darkrai/Terrakion/Mewtwo)

Austria (Pre-Dark Explorers)

1) Stefan W.(Terrakion/Landorus)
2) Samuel Z. (Typhlosion/Reshiram)
3) Matthias M. (Mew/Yanmega/Terrakion)
4) Daniel C. (Durant)


1) Gunter van Roey (Terrakion)
2) Joshua Vanoverschelde (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
3) Daphne van den Broek (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
4) Simeon Cafmeyer (Empoleon/Noctowl)

Brazil (Pre-Dark Explorers)

1) Cesar Pereira (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion)
2) Claudio Ferla (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
3) Cassiano Mendes (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
4) Gabriel Faccini (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion)


1) Curtis Lyon (Entei/Mewtwo/Terrakion)
2) Michael Martindale (Zekrom/Eelektrik/Mewtwo)
3) Adrian Loke (Darkrai)
4) Zach Lesage (Darkrai)


1) Cristián Vidal (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion)
2) Fernando Gaete (Empoleon/Terrakion)
3) Víctor Guerrero (Darkrai/Tornadus EX/Mewtwo EX)
4) Elías Durán (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion)

Czech Republic

1) Martin Janous (Vanilluxe/Vileplume/Victini)
2) John Rodek (Zekrom/Eelektrik/Terrakion)
3) Andrew Hus (Zekrom/Eelektrik/Terrakion)
4) Igor S. (Darkrai/Terrakion/Sableye/Crushing Hammer)


1) Steffen F. (Darkrai/Terrakion)
2) Brian N. (Donphan/Terrakion)
3) Simon Ø. (Darkrai)
4) Jens R. (Darkrai/Terrakion)


1) Esa J. (Darkrai/Sableye/Crushing Hammer)
2) Santtu K. (Darkrai/Kyurem EX/Shaymin EX/Mewtwo EX/Terrakion)
3) Jouni L. (Darkrai/Tornadus EX/Mewtwo EX)
4) Kumis K. (Vileplume/Mismagius/Terrakion/Darkrai/Mewtwo EX/Shaymin EX)


1) Stéphane Ivanoff (Darkrai/Terrakion/Mewtwo)
2) Pierre Hilbert (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
3) Thomas Guéry (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
4) Julien Dallé (Zekrom/Eelektrik)


1) Steven M. (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion)
2) Dennis S. (Terrakion/Mewtwo/Tornadus EX/Shaymin)
3) Daniel H. (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus)
4) Janik R. (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion)

Hong Kong

1) Wai Kit Lim (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion)
2) ??? (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
3) ??? (Terrakion/Mewtwo)
4) ??? (Lugia LEGEND/Terrakion)


1) Fabio Dall’Agata (Darkrai/Terrakion)
2) Simone Soldo (Zekrom/Eelektrik/Terrakion/Tornadus)
3) Federico Zarfi (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion/Regigigas)
4) Manuele Tartaglia (The Truth)


1. Yee Wei (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
2. Edmund T. (Zekrom/Eelektrik/Terrakion)
3. Shane C. (Zekrom/Eelektrik/Terrakion)
4. Lawrence P. (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus)


1. Arturo Miranda (Darkrai/Tornadus EX)
2. Miguel Lopez (Darkrai/Terrakion)
3. Raul Castro (Darkrai/Tornadus EX)
4. Christian Cruz (Celebi/Mewtwo EX/Tornadus EX/Terrakion)


1) Bert W. (Darkrai/Terrakion/Mewtwo)
2) Marcel O. (Accelgor/Vileplume/Sunflora)
3) Matijs M. (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion)
4) Tristan W. (Darkrai/Crushing Hammer)

New Zealand

1) Melvin Shaw (Terrakion/Tornadus/Donphan)
2) Rory T. (Zoroark/Darkrai/Weavile)
3) Sun T. (Lilligant/Vileplume)
4) Dylan C. (Zekrom/Eelektrik)


1) Tord Reklev (Darkrai/Terrakion)
2) Benjamin Behrens (Darkrai/Terrakion)
3) Fai Cheoung (Electrode/Terrakion/Mewtwo EX/Regigigas EX)
4) David Wikens (Zekrom/Eelektrik)


1) Igor Costa (Darkrai/Tornadus/Terrakion/Mewtwo)
2) Gonçalo Ferreira (Darkrai/Tornadus/Terrakion/Mewtwo)
3) Rute Maio (Mewtwo/Terrakion)
4) Filipe Cardoso (Darkrai/Sableye/Crushing Hammer)


1) Rueben F. (Darkrai/Terrakion)
2) Jit Min (Entei EX)
3) Xavier Chua (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus)
4) Nelson Chua (Klingklang)


1) Hampus E. (Darkrai/Mewtwo)
2) Henning G. (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
3) Oliver B. (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus)
4) Henrik R. (Zekrom/Eelektrik)

Switzerland (Pre-Dark Explorers)

1. Remo L. (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
2. Miguel G. (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
3. Sascha G. (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus)
4. Xavier (Donphan/Mewtwo)

United Kingdom

1) Alex Northey (Zekrom/Eelektrik/Terrakion)
2) Karl Blake (Vileplume/Mismagius/Darkrai)
3) Sami Sekkoum (CMT)
4) Matt Blower (Vanilluxe)

United States

1) John Roberts II (Klinklang)
2) Kevin Nance (Zekrom/Eelektrik/Mewtwo)
3) Jay Hornung (Darkrai/Mewtwo)
4) Chris Murray (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion)

Some information taken from PokéGym Thread. Thanks to PokéGym user Jason for the information.

39 responses to “All National Championship Results!”

  1. Carlos Irwin Estevez


    2nd was Benjamin (Darkrai/Terrakion)
    3rd was some dude (Electrode/Terrakion/Regigigas/Mewtwo)
    4th was some dude (Zekrom/Eelektrik)

  2. Anthony Smith
  3. Hernan Gilardino

    3 Darkrai EX
    3 Terrakion
    2 Smeargle
    1 Shaymin

    4 Juniper
    4 Pokemon Catcher
    3 N
    3 Bianca
    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Exp Share
    3 Lost Remover
    3 SSU
    3 Dark Patch
    3 Junk Arm
    2 Random Receiver
    2 Dark Claw
    1 Max Potion
    1 Super Rod

    8 Dark
    5 Puño

    Thats the list i used in argentina national :)

    1. Chris Dreksler

      I like this build, especially since it confirms my theory about success with less than 4 Dark Patch.

  4. Benjamin_Behrens



    1#Tord Reklev deck Name “DS” (Darkrai EX,Shaymin) Tech Terrakion
    2# Benjamin Behrens “DS” with Terrakion Tech aswell
    3# Fai Cheoung ( Electrode, terrakion, mewtwo, Regigas) A real counter deck
    4# David Wiken Eels

  5. David Sun

    Wow Darkrai dominated Argentina’s top 4, that’s pretty impressive

  6. owilson2

    Wasn’t there an austra nationals that happened a little while back?

  7. Magus

    Anyone has a idea of the deck electrode/terrakion/regigigas ex ?
    Build with Plume or he used electrode like Cake used it ?

  8. Bob Cobb

    i see some of these decks, and i’m like O.o

  9. cole

    Will be having Nationals in New Zealand this coming weekend, the 3rd of June. Will update you guys with results after :)

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Great, thank you!

  10. Maximus

    Does anyone know what the decklist for the belgium is? If so please alert me.

  11. coolestman22

    Can we separate the DEX ones from the non-DEX ones? I think people are a lot more interested in the ones with Dark Explorers.

  12. Nina

    MY 10-year-old son has been playing POKEMON card game for 3 years in Japan, and while I was serching pages concerning POKEMON for him, I happened to hit this page.
    I’ve got a question. I’m not sure if the question is acceptable right here but I’ll ask anyway.
    Some pokemons in US have exactly the same names as in Japan and some are literary translated so I can tell which is which. But most of the names are totally different from the ones in Japan.
    I suppose pokemon cards are sold at many other countries as well.
    Do many of the pokemons have their own names at each country?

    1. patrick_den_boer_89

      A lot of country’s do. I think the cards are printed in about 9 different languages i know there are English, German, french, Spanish en Japanese

  13. Federico Zarfi

    Federico Zarfi: CMT (Celebi, Mew2, Tornadus NON EX, Terrakion, Regigigas EX).

    Here my list:

    3 Celebi
    2 Smeargle
    2 Mew2
    2 Tornadus
    2 Terrakion
    1 Regigigas EX
    1 Shaymin

    2 N
    4 PONT
    4 Prof. Juniper
    4 Dual Ball
    4 Junk Arm
    3 Catcher
    2 Eviolite
    2 Plus Power
    2 Random Receiver
    3 SAB
    2 Switch
    1 Revive
    1 Energy Retrival
    1 Energy Search

    4 DCE
    5 Grass
    3 Fight

  14. Chris Dreksler

    I am kind of interested to see some of these other Darkrai/Terrakion Lists. I am curious as to how much they differ from mine.

  15. Quaytool


    1) Cristián Vidal (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion)
    2) Fernando Gaete (Empoleon/Terrakion)
    3) Víctor Guerrero (Darkrai EX/Tornadus EX/Mewtwo EX)
    4) Elías Durán (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion)

  16. Guest

    This one is wrong.
    1) Wai Kit Lim (Terrakion)
    2) Terry C. (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
    3) ???
    4) ???

    It should be
    Hong Kong
    1) Wai Kit Lam (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion)
    2) ??? (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
    3) ??? (Terrakion/Mewtwo)
    4) ??? (Lugia legend/Terrakion)

    1. David Sun

      Yeah it’s Hong Kong not China

  17. patrick_den_boer_89

    Nationals in the netherlands:
    1) Bert W (Darkrai/Terrakion/Mewtwo)
    2) Marcel O (Accelgor/Vileplume/Sunflora)
    3) Matijs M (CMT+Terrakion)
    4) Tristan W (Darkrai+Hammers)

  18. Christian Cruz

    Results for México:

    1. Arturo Miranda (Darkrai EX/Tornadus EX)
    2. Miguel Lopez (Darkrai EX/Terrakion)
    3. Raul Castro (Darkrai EX/Tornadus EX)
    4. Christian Cruz (Calebi/Mewtwo EX/Tornadus EX/Terrakion)

  19. Jason

    pooka. i have the singapore info. check my gym thread

  20. Matt

    we will have nationals in malta in 22nd july i will inform u guys

  21. Arcanyx

    Malaysian Nationals, 23/06/2012:

    1. Yee Wei (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
    2. Edmund T. (Zekrom/Eelektrik/Terrakion)
    3. Shane C. (Zekrom/Eelektrik/Terrakion)
    4. Lawrence P. (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus)

    5. Isaac C. (Hammertime)
    6. Navin R. (Lilligant/Vileplume)
    7. Ethan C. (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus)
    8. Aaron M. (Zekrom/Eelektrik)

  22. Marek ?ehá?ek

    Czech Republic NATS:
    47players (TOP8 – 6rounds)

    1. Martin Janous 6-0 (VVV)
    2. Jan Rodek 5-1 (ZekEel w/ Terrakion) – 2bye
    3. Ondrej Hus 5-1 (ZekEel w/ Terrakion) – 1bye
    4. Igor Sulima 5-1 (Darkrai/Terrakion/Sableye + Hammers)
    5. Martin Kaninsky 5-1 (CMT w/ Tornadus EX, Terrakion) – 1bye
    6. Dusan Minarik 5-1 (Darkrai/Tornadus/Espeon)
    7. Ondrej Kopulety 5-1 (ZekEel w/ Terrakion)
    8. Martin Dvorak 4-2 (Empoleon/Terrakion) – 1bye

    You need to know:
    – The field was crazy, almost every deck in the Czech Republic played fightning tech especially against Darkrai and ZekEel (Expected).
    – Only 6players were playing Darkrai in their decks.
    – The field was impacted with previous NATS results (from Norway/Finland/Sweden/Italy/France/Germany).

  23. Magikarp

    Australia Nationals, 23/24 June 2012 (Masters)

    1. Roland Allen (Terrakion)
    2. Yuan Yi (Darkrai/Terrakion/Mewtwo)
    3. Shaun Murphy (Darkrai/Mewtwo/Tornadus/Terrakion)
    4. Myles O’Neill (Darkrai/Terrakion/Mewtwo)

    5. Michael Kan (Darkrai/Shaymin/Crushing Hammer)
    6. James Dickson (Entei Ex)
    7. Dean Van Helvoirt (Celebi/Mewtwo/Tornadus Ex/Terrakion)
    8. Sean Takemoto (Darkrai/Crushing Hammer)

  24. Melvin Shaw

    Lol my deck was Terrakion/Donphan/Tornadus. Not terrakion…

    1. Rory T.

      Mine was Zoroark/Darkrai/Weavile – I don’t think they had very a good source for the New Zealand Nationals and looking at this list ther was a lot of darkrai, so missing out on reporting one doesn’t hurt i guess.

  25. lulagrelhada

    Portugal Nationals 30/06/2012


    1- Igor Costa (Darkrai/Tornadus/Terrakion/Mewtwo)
    2- Gonçalo Ferreira (Darkrai/Tornadus/Terrakion/Mewtwo)
    3- Rute Maio (Quad Mewtwo/exp.share/Terrakion)
    4- Filipe Cardoso (Darkrai Hammertime)
    5- Gonçalo Pereira (terrakion/Zekrom/exp.share)
    6- João Lagrifa (Darkrai/Tornadus/Terrakion)
    7- Bernardo Mocho (zeels)
    8- Paulo Silva (Kumis.deck Vileplume/Darkrai/Mismagius/Terrakion)

    1. lulanabrasa

      João Lagrifa’s deck did not run Terrakion. It was Darkrai/Tornadus EX/Mewtwo

  26. Luby

    You seem to be missing France :

    1) Stéphane Ivanoff (Darkrai/Terrakion/Mewtwo)
    2) Pierre Hilbert (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
    3) Thomas Guéry (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
    4) Julien Dallé (Zekrom/Eelektrik)

    1. Pooka311

      Added, thanks!

  27. RubixCubeGarchomp95

    Does anyone happen to know, (Or know how to find out) the t4 for Juniors in Canada Nats?

  28. Lokey

    Everyone in top 4 Canadian Nats had Terrakions in their decks – if it’s relevant .

  29. M.Shaw

    Where’s USA ?

    1. Kyle Sucevich
  30. Melvin Shaw

    are these ALL the 25 countries that will partake in worlds?

    1. Pooka311

      I’m not positive, but Japan will be participating as well, so at least 26 countries will be represented.