US Nationals Overview!

6 responses to “US Nationals Overview!”

  1. Dane_Carlson

    Great video, guys! 😀

    1. Mr.Snivy

      Liked the Video good luck at Hawaii

  2. Benjamin Potter

    Still made it into the video!

  3. Guy

    Awesome video!!! Thanks for doing this!

  4. coolestman22

    That is an epic Vanilluxe playmat at 0:50!

  5. Ross Gilbert

    Does anybody know whose that playmat is (the Vanilluxe at 0.47) or how i could possibly get one / get in touch with the person who made it?

    I made my gf a Vanilluxe deck and got a set of the sexy Japanese Vanilluxe sleeves. This would be the icing on the cake!