60 Minutes for Last Chance Qualifier!

While the news is a little late, it certainly is welcomed. According to the official Pokémon website, the Last Chance Qualifier for the 2012 World Championship will be run with Single Elimination, 60-minute Best 2-of-3 rounds. Compared to last year, this will be 15 extra minutes for each round, giving players a better chance to complete their games.

In order to compete in the Last Chance Qualifier, you must have at least 10 Play! Points. Japanese or Korean players with valid passports will be waived from this requirement. The format will be HS-DEX, just like a normal Modified tournament. Eight players from each division have the opportunity to earn an invitation to the World Championship. Depending on attendance, more players may be given invitations to the main event.

How will this change affect the Last Chance Qualifier? Will we see slower decks have a chance now that the time limit has been extended from 45 to 60 minutes? We will find out who earns a chance to play in the World Championship on August 10th!

5 responses to “60 Minutes for Last Chance Qualifier!”

  1. Sam Marshall-Smith

    Nice! Come on Klingklang! Win the LCQ! XD

  2. Cory Glore

    Awesome, wish I had enough Play! Points because I have a friend in Hawaii :/

    1. coolestman22

      You get some from league, so you could try that if you have 8-9.

  3. Hunkyross

    Klingklang loses HARD to anything with Lost Remover in Bo3. You might manage to pull of a win in single game but you’ll lose one game against someone with LR and not have time to complete the other 2.

    It’s a BAD play for LCQ!

    1. Davidsunyibo

      The real counter to klingklang is hammer time (which then is auto loss for klingklang) and I believe for most decks that run mewtwos, klinklang matchup is 50-50. 1 lost remover and no mewtwos is often not enough. Mewtwo is what makes it 50-50