2012 World Championships – A New Era?

Over the past year, The Top Cut has been trying to promote the game through streaming and video coverage with professional commentary. Throughout the year, we’ve been able to record and stream events from Battle Roads to Nationals. After we started, many others began to record and post matches on YouTube and even stream as well. Overall, this has produced more information and awareness of the game than ever before. If we want the game to grow, this is the direction that we wanted things to head.

Now it seems like our voices have been heard. According to the official Pokémon World Championships website, the Finals of the World Championships will be streamed live for the first time ever. What an exciting time for fans of the game! Truly we are moving into a new era for the Pokémon TCG. In the next few years, we may see more growth and changes than we’ve ever seen. Things look promising for the future.

In addition, we have received initial permission to record matches from the World Championships as well, so The Top Cut will be providing more matches this year. Be sure to stay tuned to our site for updates. If we post any videos, they will go on the site. Otherwise, be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts to get all of the updates for this year’s World Championships!

One response to “2012 World Championships – A New Era?”

  1. coolestman22

    Yes, I heard about that on Pokebeach. Just curious, do we know if that’s Masters only?