Last Chance Qualifier Winners!

The following players have qualified for tomorrow’s main event through the Last Chance Qualifier!

Aaron Curry (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
Ross Gilbert (CMT)
Stefan Tabaco (CMT)
Mike Diaz (Darkrai/Mewtwo)
Yacine Sekkoum (Darkrai)
Nobuo Yano (???)
Daichu Ueki (???)
Tomohisa Kanda (???)

Congratulations to all eight players! They earned an invitation to play in the 2012 World Championships. More information about the event will come tomorrow!

14 responses to “Last Chance Qualifier Winners!”

  1. Guest

    Where did Drew place? :(

    1. Aaron Wang

      He unfortunately lost in one of the first 2 rounds :(

      1. Alex Hill

        he lost in round 1.

  2. Guest

    Who is advanced in Junior and Senior ?

    1. Jas237

      I second that, does anyone know who made it for the Jr. and Sr. divisions?

  3. lucarioAdventure1

    Congrats to Ross Gilbert and Yacine Sekkoum for grinding in :)

    Team GB ftw!

  4. Ezequiel Jerez

    Sucks that yamato didn’t made it through

    1. Justin Bonczek

      We’ll see him at the invitational though 😀

  5. Ryan Palmer

    Go team GB!

  6. Ryan Alperstein

    What about the other age groups?

  7. Kyle Sucevich

    I wasn’t able to get the qualifiers for the other divisions, but I’ll try to find out today.

    1. Joshua Pokroy

      I can help a but with seniors:
      Joshua Pokroy (CMT)
      Petros Ogbamichael (CMT)
      Liam Williams (Tornadus)
      Josh ??? (CMT)

  8. OldMan_GG

    Good Job Stefan !

  9. Chuck Rancor

    For those who don’t know I believe the three “???” decks are a rogue Shaymin/Thundurus/Jirachi/Mewtwo.