New World Champion Crowned!

Congratulations to Igor Costa from Portugal, your 2012 World Champion! He narrowly defeated Harrison Leven in an extremely close Finals match. In the end, his Darkrai/Mewtwo/Terrakion deck was able to take down the entire field of Darkrai and Darkrai/Mewtwo decks. We will be posting the videos of the Finals when we get a chance!

5 responses to “New World Champion Crowned!”

  1. Guest

    Does anyone know what won Juniors and Seniors?

    1. Collin Coyle-Brinkmeyer

      a eels won in seniors but im not sure about juniors… Tyler was able to record the seniors finals so check in at Pokefriends56 and we should have it soon… within a week maybe?

    2. Samzilla33

      As Collin said, Zekrom/Eelektrik won Seniors, and Terrakion/Mewtwo won Juniors. I was kinda surprised that Terrakion/Mewtwo won. At least it’s more exciting then another Darkrai deck winning Masters.

    3. JoshA11

      Chase Moloney with Max potion eels.

  2. coolestman22

    The announcers messed it up for Harrison. He should have never played that Trash Claw.