Worlds 2012 Top 16 Players!

The following players have advanced to the second day of the World Championships!

1 Sami Sekkoum (Darkrai)
2 Patricio Gonzalez Walsh (Darkrai/Mewtwo)
3 Stefan Tabaco (CMT)
4 Yuta Komatsuda (Darkrai/Mewtwo)
5 Xavier Chua (CMT)
6 Jay Hornung (Darkrai/Mewtwo)
7 Michael Pramawat (Darkrai)
8 Michael Diaz (Darkrai/Mewtwo)
9 Adrian Loke (Darkrai/Terrakion)
10 Steven Mao (CMT)
11 Aaron Curry (Zekrom/Eelektrik)
12 Igor Costa (Darkrai/Mewtwo/Terrakion)
13 Clifton Goh (Mew/Accelgor/Chandelure)
14 Roberto Shirasago (Darkrai/Mewtwo)
15 Harrison Leven (Darkrai)
16 Dylan Bryan (Terrakion/Mewtwo)

Looks like Darkrai was the force to be reckoned with at Worlds, taking ten spots of the Top 16. Overall, there were no rogue decks to make the cut; it seems like the format was figured out. Vileplume decks had much less success than at US Nationals, with only one Accelgor deck making the cut.

For the second year in a row, Sami Sekkoum went undefeated through the Swiss rounds, surely cementing his place as one of the greatest Worlds performers of all time. In fact, there are a lot of familiar faces in this year’s Top 16. Yuta Komatsuda was the 2010 World Champion, Michael Pramawat finished 2nd in 2010, Jay Hornung took 3rd in 2009, and Dylan Bryan made Top 16 in 2011. In addition, Michael Diaz made Top 8 in Seniors in 2010. Still, there are a lot of new players who are trying to make names for themselves as well.

Perhaps the most impressive story is how well some of the players from the LCQ have done. In total, three players from the grinder kept their momentum going into Worlds. Stefan Tabaco, the player from California, went 6-0 until running into Sami Sekkoum in the final round. Aaron Curry, who knocked out Tsuguyoshi Yamato from the LCQ, managed to have a great 6-1 showing as well. Finally, Michael Diaz continued with a strong 6-1 showing, continuing his trend of doing well in Hawaii.

Who will win and become the 2012 World Champion? Will it be an established pro, or will it be someone who comes out of nowhere? Can Yuta Komatsuda match Jason Klaczynski’s feat of becoming a two-time World Champion? What deck will come out on top? We will find out tomorrow as the 2012 World Championship concludes!

21 responses to “Worlds 2012 Top 16 Players!”

  1. Aaron Minjoot

    Thanks for the update Kyle.

    I’m very surprised, although I guess I shouldn’t be, that Darkrai is swamping the Top 16 with at least 10 decks running it. I wonder what happened to Eels and CMT during Swiss, as well as what were the decks that Top 32 ran.

    A shout out to the Singaporeans who made it to Cut. :)

    1. Rish

      Aaron, zekeels is not a good play for worlds . There are a number of decks which can out speed it like speed darkrai and cmt. Also the results of LCQ has changed the worlds metagame a little bit with the showings of more cmt and speed darkrai and darkrai mewtwo

      1. Aaron Minjoot

        I feel that is an unfair judgement, considering it still made a Top 16 spot. I’d like to know where you get your info on the metagame, though, as there isn’t anywhere yet with a concise amount of data to prove anything beyond that Darkrai did take most Top 16 spots, but we know not what the field looked like.

        Darkrai was the majority at US Nationals Top 8 (or was it Top 16), but that didn’t stop Klinklang and Eels from pushing it out of the finals.

        Personally, I’m rooting for Zekrom/Eels to take home the gauntlet.

    2. Seahjeremy

      unfortunately singapore’s run came to an end when both of our participants lost in the round of 16.

      1. Aaron Minjoot

        Still a great run nonetheless! :)

  2. Pok Hanss

    And TOP 16 Seniors and Juniors?

    1. Mykel
  3. Joey Zilkie

    I know that TPCi is streaming Finals but what about us who cannot watch it live? (Working tomorrow :/) You think it will be posted on youtube by somebody?

    1. coolestman22

      I’m pretty sure you can view it afterwards on the same website.

  4. Seahjeremy

    i have to say i’m surprised that both david cohen and ross cawthon didn’t manage to make the top 16.

    1. Mykel

      Ross Cawthon got defeated by Jason, or else he’d have been 5-2 to make the top 32, but since Jason won Jason was in the top 32 instead. But in the end, there wasn’t a top 32 because they were one player short =( David Cohen just seemed to not be preforming well yesterday.

  5. Josh Wittenkeller

    I’m pretty excited for this year’s top cut. Tons of great players that all carry big story lines with them.

  6. Dieg0y2

    Patricio Gonzalez Walsh (Darkrai/Mewtwo)

  7. Christopher DiNome

    lets go pram!

  8. Ezequiel Jerez

    Gogo pato walsh!

  9. Adrian Picasso

    Kyle Sucevich and the not anymore defending champion David Cohen end up the same way 2 Wins – 5 Loses it was indeed a hard tournament

  10. Balasar

    pram wins. just saying it now.

    1. coolestman22

      Igor wins. Just saying it after Igor won.

  11. coolestman22

    No rogues in Top 16? Awww.

  12. Chuck Rancor

    I’m surprisingly happy to see Accelgor make Top Cut

  13. coolestman22

    I thought Yamato won in 2010.