Worlds 2012 Top 16 – Steven Mao vs. Michael Pramawat

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  1. Lex


  2. wesley wooten

    Whenever there’s glare on the cards I tilt my screen to make it go away and feel like an idiot…

  3. a guy who seek fairness

    You guys were live streaming and from your commentary, I believe you witnessed steven’s sky arrow bridge was in his hand before he got his prize card.

    “6.2. Spectator Responsibilities
    Spectators may watch a match but may not interfere with a match in any way. Spectators should maintain a reasonable distance, as determined by the event staff, from matches in progress to avoid distracting the players. The only way SPECTATOR IS TO INTERACT WITH A TOURNAMENT IS THROUGH CONTACTING A JUDGE TO INQUIRE INTO THE LEGALITY OF A SPECIFIC PLAY. ”

    Why didn’t you guys stand up and told the judge what you guys saw? This video can be used as proof if the judge questioned you guys.
    Don’t you guys feel shame for yourselves for just sitting there and laugh while steven’s sky arrow bridge was randomly chosen as the prize card (which clearly was not the original prize card)?

    The Top Cut…dedicated to promoting the growth of the Pokémon Trading Card Game?
    But not promoting fairness and setting up a good role model for players and Spectators at the same time. That’s awful.

    (I’m not from Germany.I’m just a player who knows the basic of what is right and wrong.)

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Obviously we want to say something, but it was made clear to us that we could not interfere in any matches. At US Nationals we did bring an error to the attention of the judges, and we were reprimanded for it. One of the conditions for being allowed to record at this event was that we were not allowed to talk about the game until it was over. In fact, we even hinted at this in the commentary around 49:10. Please think twice before accusing us of something.