Worlds 2012 Top 4 – Jay Hornung vs. Harrison Leven

6 responses to “Worlds 2012 Top 4 – Jay Hornung vs. Harrison Leven”

  1. JayHornung

    Game 1: I discarded 3 DCE really early. Thats why I had to go for the Random Receiver…which got me the Juniper regardless. So I had to toss the 2 DCE. Game 2: All 4 N were in the discard and I think Harrison had 4 N in the discard as well…I had no outs.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      I figured that was the case, but it’s not easy to see all of these things when you aren’t in the game yourself. Thanks for clarifying, Jay!

  2. MultX

    We had Two-time World Champion and two-time World runner-up. Now we have two-time World 3rd finisher

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      This is true! I didn’t think of that actually.

  3. ThePurplePiplup

    At about 15:10, Jay attached for the second time in his turn. The first time was at about 11:25 to retreat his darkrai. His second attachment was to smeargle to retreat his smeargle. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I am pretty sure that’s what happened.

    1. Jacob Donnelly

      at 13:25 he passes