Worlds 2012 Top 8 – Stefan Tabaco vs. Jay Hornung

3 responses to “Worlds 2012 Top 8 – Stefan Tabaco vs. Jay Hornung”

  1. Justin Sanchez

    why didnt jay move all the energy to the mewtwo to one shot tornadus ex?

  2. Chance Nauman

    Good, so I wasn’t the only one who noticed that. I thought that was why Stefan was so upset: he knew he had lost.

  3. JayHornung

    I’ve discussed this before, but tunnel vision can be one of the most dangerous things at high level play. I was so focused on KOing Mewtwo EX that I over looked the Tornadus KO. Orignally I considered the Tornadus KO before I used Dark Patch and realized I was one shy. Due to my tunnel vision I didn’t rethink it after I used Dark Patch.