PTCGO – Pooka (Aggron) vs. JWittz (Scizor/Gyarados)

8 responses to “PTCGO – Pooka (Aggron) vs. JWittz (Scizor/Gyarados)”

  1. Jason Killough

    Interesting decks and game!

  2. Erick Colón

    Ouch/ 10:00

  3. Josh Wittenkeller

    “Because he’s the hero that Pokémon deserves, but not the one it needs right now…and so we’ll hunt him…because he can take it…because he’s not a hero…he’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector…the Scizordos.”

  4. Austin

    That Sableye/Aggron list is cringeworthy… SSU? Rare Candy? No wonder it’s not doing very well. Also Minun/Mandibuzz/Mew is a really fun BW-on Bad Deck

    1. Micah Tate

      What’s wrong with SSU and Rare Candy? SSU is Devolution spray+Healing and Rare candy allows for some T2 plays.

      1. Austin

        Rare Candy actually slows the deck down in the long run, as instead of evolve devolve and then evolve the next turn, you’re forced to either devolve then rare candy or devolve then evolve then evolve. In my testing Rare Candy did much more harm than good, and the extra slots from it I put towards making the deck more consistent.
        As for SSU, the same reason as above. If you’re playing the deck right (aka hammering as much as possible early game) your Pokémon shouldn’t have taken much damage. And when it comes to re-evolving, you’re taking an extra turn or 2 to get that aron all the way up to Aggron again. A maxxed out Rescue scarf is much more useful.
        Also, as an aside, the deck is crippled without the Sableye, so if they’re going aggro on the Aggrons (couldn’t resist :P) you shouldn’t have a problem demolishing their setup completely.
        PPS: Darkrai! I just realized Pooka wasn’t even running Darkrai!. That’s not only your out if you have to win via prizes, but it also gives your 3 retreat Lairon a new retreat cost of 0.

        1. Kyle Sucevich

          Rescue Scarf is bugged on PTCGO to not give the opponent a prize when you’re knocked out. Also, I didn’t have a Darkrai until after the video. Thus, Rare Candy and SSU!

        2. coolestman22

          Rare Candy doesn’t really slow it down. It more like speeds it up and then slows it down. So it should come out about even.