Pooka (Empoleon) vs. Igor Costa (Darkrai)

6 responses to “Pooka (Empoleon) vs. Igor Costa (Darkrai)”

  1. Drew Ashbacher

    This is great! More games against the champion and past champions will be definitely something to watch!

  2. coolestman22

    Pooka, are you not playing Super Rod?

    1. Micah Tate

      Look at his hand at the first minute and a half of the video XD

      1. coolestman22

        Ah, you’re right.

  3. Cmacko

    Think Pooka could have won at 9 min by playing switch to treakion playing blend, then energy switch water from emolga. could be wrong but i think i see 20 damage on the darkari

    1. same person

      I am an idot