Pooka (Ho-Oh) vs. Mefftu (Eelektrik)

5 responses to “Pooka (Ho-Oh) vs. Mefftu (Eelektrik)”

  1. Anteater

    MFW Ho-oh doesn’t actually do anything in this game. lol

    1. Jacob Donnelly

      Except for looking sexy on the bench

  2. 32914

    sableye is great in the ho-oh deck gets back catchers and super scoop ups

  3. Matthew

    lol I pulled 4 Hooh EX’s too which is good because that’s the deck I’m running irl too [with HDD as well]. My Hooh Deck is Hooh EX-Terrakion-Mewtwo EX

  4. Jacob Donnelly

    It’s a deck with Ho oh in it, not really a Ho oh deck