Kenosha, WI Round 6 – Ross Cawthon vs. Clinton Chan

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  1. Yako

    Can someone explain to me why Ross played RR turn 1 and then played N instead of Juniper when he knew his supporter would be his only card in hand and his opponent had 6? Also, just before Ross takes his first prize, Clinton puts both of his hands (with his cards in it) below the table. For anyone reading this, that’s a big no-no. When your hands have cards in it, they should always be where your opponent can see them.


      Pooka thought Ross had some kind of read on Chan, thinking his hand was so good it was worth going for an N to disrupt him. Seems strange and unreliable to me, but idk.

      1. coolestman22

        Strange? Unreliable? Poker players do that for a living, and the good ones make a lot of money. Being able to do this separates good players from great ones. I’m trying to work on reading facial expressions myself, and I’m hoping it will help me a lot.

        1. Yako

          Chan’s hand was Juniper, Ultra Ball, Hydreigon, Catcher, 2 Darks. Really good even though he would have to Juniper one of his 2 Hydreigons and his Catcher (useless because of Skyarrow Bridge).

          Assuming Ross is playing 4 Junipers, 4 Ns, and 2 Biancas, he has a 4/9 chance of hitting N. If he straight out Junipers, it costs 2 supporters (Juniper and RR). If he gets N, it still costs 2 supporters (N and RR). If he gets Bianca, it costs 3 supporters to N, or he can Bianca for 4 and Juniper next turn, which is the right thing to do. The 4/4/2 split for supporters is probably wrong though, and it’s most likely 4/4/4, in which case he has a 4/11 chance. Also, we could get better supporter counts if we looked through his deck during the level ball, but I’m too lazy to do that right now. If he gets Bianca, his start is slowed down a bit because he draws 2 less cards on his first turn.

          Considering that he had Juniper and was in an optimal position to play it (no other cards in hand), he had to be damn well sure of his read. Also, you have to take into account that even if his read is spot on, N gives him one less card and also has the possibility of leaving Chan with a hand which is just as good, if not better, than what he already had. This is somewhat likely, since Chan has 2 dead cards in hand after all.

          I thought playing the Lightning Energy turn 1 instead of ditching it might have been wrong, but it turns out that he only has 6 left in his deck. If he Ns, he has a 60% of drawing at least one, and a 68% if he Junipers. That’s low for my liking.

  2. coolestman22

    Isn’t Ross from Washington?