Top 20 Pokémon in Modified

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20. Roserade

Easily accessed by Level Ball and reused with Devolution Spray, Roserade allows you to seek out any card you please. Surprisingly, this hasn’t proven as powerful as it would seem, as decks are able to set up naturally and easily with Professor Juniper and N, without wasting space on a Stage 1 line.

19. Gothitelle

Though a mediocre attacker, Gothitelle pairs well with Accelgor’s Deck and Cover attack by preventing the opponent from playing Switch or Super Scoop Up. Gothitelle’s two-retreat cost is negated by pairing it with Darkrai EX, allowing you to free retreat Gothitelle and repeatedly attack with Deck and Cover.

18. Stunfisk

A decent semi-counter to Darkrai EX, Stunfisk can trap a Darkrai EX active, preventing it from going to the bench where it abuses Dark Patch. Stunfisk also scores an easy one-Energy KO on Tynamo.

17. Shaymin EX

A two Energy 180 can OHKO any EX Pokémon, and its Grass type allows it to score easy KOs on Terrakion. On the downside, low HP makes it an easy KO, and an Eviolite can save an EX from the strongest Revenge Blast attack.

16. Raikou EX

A great combo with Eelektrik, Raikou EX’s Volt Bolt is often called upon to KO a benched Pokémon because the rotation of Junk Arm often leaves you without a needed Pokémon Catcher. 100 damage is enough to KO an opposing Eelektrik, Garbodor or finish off a damaged EX Pokémon that your opponent may retreat to attempt to deny you two prize cards.

15. Empoleon

With hands constantly being disrupted and lowered by N, Empoleon provides great defense to this staple supporter card, and works equally well with our own N. A cheap, effective attacker, Empoleon’s biggest weakness is, well, it’s weakness! An easy OHKO for a Zekrom using Bolt Strike, Empoleon has not had much success yet in tournaments.

14. Garbodor

In a format filled with Abilities, you’d think Garbodor would be stronger than it is. The reality is, though, it’s a bad attacker, vulnerable to Pokémon Catcher, and thwarted by Tool Scrapper. I’ve had some close matches against Garbodor decks, though, since it’s very difficult for any deck to function without abilities.

13. Registeel EX

Registeel EX puts Eelektrik players on a three-turn clock. Three undamaged Eelektrik are all knocked out by the third Triple Laser. That said, it’s important to realize Registeel often falls one Triple Laser short of the trifecta. Additionally, against EX-based decks like Darkrai EX/Hydreigon, it takes far too many Triple Lasers to score KOs, especially against opposing Eviolites. However, a quick Triple Laser puts a lot of pressure on Eelektrik decks, immediately threatening a KO on a 40 HP Tynamo.

12. Mew EX

I still feel like Mew EX’s full potential has not been unleashed. Hampered by a low 120 HP, Mew EX allows for a lot of creative options, and also works as a Mewtwo EX counter, but also is an easy KO for our opponent.

11. Rayquaza EX

Though Celestial Roar is one of the worst attacks in modified, Dragon Burst is not, allowing for OHKOs on big EX Pokémon. Eelektrik (or perhaps Emboar) help power Rayquaza EX, though a clever opponent can stop your string of Dragon Bursts by going after the Eelektriks (or Emboar) instead. But with a weakness to Dragon type, Rayquaza EX is a difficult KO and makes it into the Top 20.

10. Rayquaza

A single copy of this card can destroy a Garchomp/Altaria deck, but it’s not its ability to beat an unpopular archetype that makes it good, but rather the fact that it can OHKO a Tynamo for a single Energy. Shred gets through Eviolite to allow for a two-hit KO on any EX Pokémon, and it also OHKOs Hydreigon and Rayquaza EX. A high retreat cost can occasionally be a pain.

9. Ho-Oh EX

In a format where four N and four Professor Juniper are the primary form of draw for every single deck, Ho-oh EX fits in perfectly. Forced to discard a bunch of Energy cards? No problem, Ho-oh EX uses that to its benefit with its rebirth Ability. Lose your hand to a well-timed N the same turn Ho-oh EX was knocked out? That’s okay, all you need to get Ho-oh back into play and attacking is a coin flip. Unlike many other expensive attackers, Ho-oh EX is not vulnerable to Crushing Hammer, as sending that Energy to the discard pile simply helps power another Ho-oh EX.

8. Accelgor

While Eelektrik decks seem to always max out on Switch, Darkrai EX decks do not. A player who is able to use multiple Mew EX or Accelgor to repeatedly Deck and Cover can leave his or her opponent in a helpless position. Combine Accelgor with Gothitelle’s Magic Room Ability, and even Switch can’t help your opponent. Cards like Empoleon & Musharna allow an Accelgor player to repeatedly draw back into the needed Double Colorless Energy & Pokémon to keep a string of Deck and Cover attacks going.

7. Gabite

The creators of this card must have known how good Dragon Call was – why else would they give a card such a bad attack? All it takes is one Gabite to start a massive chain reaction that quickly becomes 3 Altaria and 2 Garchomps within a few turns.

6. Hydreigon

Combined with Max Potion, Hydreigon allows you to take total control of a game where your opponent is unable to OHKO your Pokémon. 10 damage short of a KO on a Darkrai EX? Dark Trans, Max Potion, and your opponent’s attack was made completely useless.

5. Terrakion

130 HP on a Basic and a monster two-Energy attack that can OHKO the popular Darkrai EX makes Terrakion undeniably strong. One thing that makes it slightly weaker this format is the fact that it’s slightly harder to OHKO a Darkrai EX+Eviolite since you no longer have easy access to the necessary PlusPower (or now Tool Scrapper) with Junk Arm, but that’s not enough to stop Terrakion from ruining some Darkrai players’ days.

4. Mewtwo EX

The best part of Mewtwo EX is the fact that the only real counter to it is…well, another Mewtwo EX. That means if your opponent tries to counter your Mewtwo EX with their own Mewtwo EX, your deck will naturally have the proper follow-up to their counter: yet another Mewtwo EX. Combined with Eelektrik and other Energy-accelerating combos (like Hydreigon & Dark Patch or perhaps Emboar), Mewtwo EX’s X-Ball can score huge OHKOs, even on EX Pokémon.

3. Eelektrik

With 90 HP, Eelektrik is easily accessed by Level Ball and helps power some monster attacks, namely Mewtwo EX’s X-Ball and Rayquaza EX’s Dragon Burst. There is one big trade-off to being easily accessed by Level Ball, and that is being one-shot KO’d by the ubiquitous Darkrai EX. A low HP basic hurts, too, but Dynamotor is so strong, the low HP and two retreat cost still don’t deter many from playing it.

2. Darkrai EX

Able to be powered quickly and repeatedly with Dark Patch, Darkrai EX combines well with other strong Pokémon like Sableye & Hydreigon. Skill comes into play when deciding where to place that 30 bench damage from Night Spear, and good players can wreak havoc on decks with clever damage placement. Meanwhile, Dark Cloak protects high retreat cost Pokémon like Terrakion from being liabilities.

1. Sableye

With Junk Arm rotated, Sableye and its Junk Hunt attack have stepped in to take its place. In a format where all decks are forced to play 4 Professor Juniper, Junk Hunt helps you recover critical item cards Juniper forces you to sometimes throw away. Crushing Hammer becomes stronger with Sableye, allowing you to play it repeatedly, sometimes to a point that slower decks lose all their Energy cards. It also provides insurance against Supporterless hands by allowing you to Junk Hunt for Random Receiver. Other powerful trainers like Dark Patch fit in perfectly with its Dark Energy costs, and 70 HP is just enough to survive some early attacks like Mewtwo’s X-Ball.

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  1. Chase Havoc

    well done

  2. patrick_den_boer_89

    Where is Gold Breaker Bouffalant ?

    1. peppi

      Yeah ik.
      Bouffy is gr8 in todays format.

  3. Pokemonguy

    I think Eelektrik is over rated although I do play eels and I always underestimate my own deck.

  4. coolestman22

    I don’t think Sableye should have been #1 honestly, but I’m not here to disagree with your lists. It was a good article, and I’m sure everyone has some opinion on how it should be changed.

  5. peppi

    Umm… why is Sableye #1?

    Rayquaza EX should be higher, to be honest.

    Also, where’s Landorus?

    He is one of the main fears of any darkrai player.
    He works extremely well with Terrakion, too!

    Very nice, well presented article.

    Also, Mewtwo EX should be 3rd, 2nd or 1st. Not 4th.

    1. Carson St Denis

      uh peppi, This was b4 regionals in FALL!

      1. peppi

        Oops, yeah sorry!
        Didn’t look at when it was published.

  6. peppi

    oops yeah sorry!