Indiana Regionals Coverage Page

There is plenty of Pokemon action in Indiana this weekend as hundreds of players across three age groups duke it out for the title of 2012 Indiana Fall Regional Champion! Stay tuned to this page and our stream page for ongoing updates throughout the day.

Round One Pairings
Round Two Pairings
Round Three Pairings
Round Four Pairings
Round Five Pairings
Round Six Pairings
Round Seven Pairings
Round Eight Pairings
Round Nine Pairings
Top 32
Top 32 Pairings
Top 8 Pairings
Top 4 Pairings
Top 2: Ross Cawthon vs. Henry Prior
Winner: Ross Cawthon

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12 responses to “Indiana Regionals Coverage Page”

  1. gary drummer

    pooka ross has to be at ttci 2013 after wnning this

    1. coolestman22

      Maybe. Right now I’m thinking Igor, Harrison, Ross, Hornung, Klacz, Sekkoum, those guys.

      1. gary drummer

        Igor, Ross, US nats champ 2013, yuta, yamato, sekkoum, klacz, and pramawat ftw because imo he is very consistant at worlds, and he should go and play

        1. gary drummer

          Oh, and hornung

  2. Chris Smith

    top cut crew,
    can you make a shout out to my son carter smith he loves you guys and went 6-0 in swiss and made it to top 4 in juniors division and lost because of missing energy dropsin the early part of game one and had to dicard 4 junipers in the first turn and also had a bad match up in the top 4 match aginst tornadus ex mewtwo
    ( he was running garbododor terrakion ex!)

  3. Chris Smith

    hey you took a picture of him!!!!
    (he is in a picture next to a guy in th luxio hat with a mewtwo shirt on)

  4. Chris Smith

    ( p.s that was his first ever regionals)

  5. Raen

    Ooh, ooh, my arm is in one of the pictures when I’m playing against Jay Hornung! 😀

  6. Nicholas

    Can i have seniors pairings? if theres a chance.

    1. coolestman22

      Pretty sure TTC is Masters only.

      1. Collin Coyle-Brinkmeyer

        oh the irony Theo 😉 lol

        1. coolestman22

          Yeah, it would be pretty cool to see my name up there on TTC’s Regionals page.