Pokémon Cards Over the Years

2 responses to “Pokémon Cards Over the Years”

  1. Amshel

    Sure, the pokemon have gotten stronger, but the trainers got waaaay weaker. In fact, look at Crushing Hammer, one of the popular items of today, and compare it to energy removal. Energy removal was a staple in base set decks and was one of the main reasons that basic pokemon were so popular. Afterall, how can you set up your expensive Stage 2 attacks when it has no energy? Even with the ungodly draw of that era the only way to get attacks in was if they cost only 1 or 2 energy.

    Now all these broken effects are reprinted as coin flip effects and no one wants to play them anymore.

  2. Chase Havoc

    I feel that pokemon are just now barly hitting the surface of their true power compared to the movies and thats how it should have always been since the first movie. Mewtwo was the strongest pokemon at that time and still is today. Besides they may be basic pokemon but you have to keep in mind they are also legendary not just run of the mill trained pokemon. Btw you should have mentioned the Black Kyurem that is coming out with a max hp of 300. At this point I wouldn’t be suprised if pokemon shot up to 1000 hp and pretty much the game became yu gi oh!