Behind the Cards Premiering October 28th!

Have you ever wanted to know more about your favorite players? Do you want to get into the minds of some of the legends of the game? Behind the Cards is a new series that aims to do just that. Hosted by Kyle “Pooka” Sucevich, the show will spotlight a popular figure in the community so that everyone can learn more about the people behind the cards. Pooka will have a casual conversation with the player to discuss growing up, experiences with the game, and anything else interesting that has happened throughout life. Everybody has a story, and we’re giving them the stage to tell it.

For our first guest, we’ll have the greatest and most popular player the game has ever seen. Jason Klaczynski is a two-time World Champion, Tropical Mega Battle Champion, and Fan Appreciation Tournament Champion. In addition to that, he is an ambassador of the game who has been playing since the beginning. On his way to the top of the Pokémon TCG, he experienced a lot of things that brought him to where he is today. Tune in to find out more about our only two-time World Champion, Jason Klaczynski!

The show will take place on Sunday, October 28th at 10 PM EST. It will be live on our Twitch TV stream page. If you have any questions for Jason, ask them in the comments below, and maybe yours will be asked on the show! Thanks!

6 responses to “Behind the Cards Premiering October 28th!”

  1. Aaron Wang

    Other than winning worlds, what is Jason’s favorite moment as a Pokemon player?

    1. thepacmon

      Winning worlds again?

      1. Aaron Wang

        OK besides winning worlds twice

  2. Jay Hornung

    Jason how do you explain the Pokemon TCG, the community, and why you play to your friends that don’t play Pokemon at all?

    1. Aaron Wang

      I like this question Jay

  3. BPL Andy

    Sloopy’s after the show?