PTCGO Blooper – Meloetta Donk

2 responses to “PTCGO Blooper – Meloetta Donk”

  1. Chase Havoc

    lol kyle you and I are always on the same page. I perfered lapras tho for my water type because you can call for the two oddish early on and it also has donk potential running DCE, and one other difference was I choose Sigilyph for my psychic type because he doesnt get return KOed by Mewtwo and can also single handedly win you games against all EX decks. Im really considering playing it for citys but still more testing to do. BTW would you be willing to play me sometime?? I know you usually only like to get the best of the best but if it makes any difference I happen to be the only person to ever win New Mexicos state Championship and also placed 4th at regionals. The only other thing I can think of is if you remember the nationals where Gino won I was the first person to play him and got really cocky because I had the donk with Ho-oh vs his jirachi ex and I decieded to play my jirachi too just to rub it in his face, well long story short because I choose to do that he ended up locking my powers with one energy and I never had a chance to serene grace with togekiss for the rest of the game!!! xD.

  2. Jshawzy

    Hey, I was wondering if you could make a Bellosom,jelicent deck both from boundaries crossed, It would be a sweet bad deck monday. It would be an alright deck but darkrais ability can make it problematic.