City Championship Results Thread – Updated 11/29

We’ll be trying to keep track of as many Masters results as possible for this season’s City Championships. We’re looking for the Top 4 finishers and what decks they used so we can find out what decks are doing well during this important stretch of the season. Here’s an example of what we’d like to see.

Point Place, WI

1) Red (Blastoise/Keldeo)
2) Fez (Darkrai/Hydreigon)
3) Eric (Rayquaza/Eelektrik)
4) Kelso (Terrakion/Mewtwo/Garbodor)


Deck 1st 2nd Top 4 Total
Blastoise/Keldeo EX 3 4 12 19
Landorus EX/Tornadus EX/Mewtwo EX/Bouffalant 3 5 6 14
Darkrai EX/Hydreigon 2 2 8 12
Ho-Oh 4 1 6 11
Darkrai EX/Sableye 3 2 5 10
Darkrai EX/Landorus EX 3 1 3 7
Darkrai EX/Mewtwo EX 1 3 3 7
Rayquaza EX/Eelektrik 2 1 3 6
Bouffalant/Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX/Terrakion 2 2 1 5
Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX 2 1 2 5
Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX/Garbodor 1 1 3 5
Mewtwo EX/Terrakion 1 2 1 4
Tornadus EX/Aspertia City 1 1 1 3
Darkrai EX/Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX 1 1 1 3
Garchomp/Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX 1 1 0 2
Darkrai EX/Terrakion/Shaymin EX 0 1 1 2
Klinklang 0 0 2 2
Flygon/Dusknoir 0 0 2 2
Mewtwo EX/Tornadus EX/Eelektrik 0 1 2 3
Darkrai EX/Terrakion/Keldeo EX 1 0 0 1
Empoleon/Dusknoir/Landorus EX 1 0 0 1
Landorus EX/Tornadus EX/Roserade 1 0 0 1
Darkrai EX/Keldeo EX 0 1 0 1
Empoleon/Accelgor 0 0 1 1
Sigilyph/Mewtwo EX 0 0 1 1
Darkrai EX/Tornadus EX 0 0 1 1
Gothitelle/Gardevoir/Mewtwo EX 0 0 1 1

Tournaments recorded so far: Burnsville, MN; Bentonville, AR; Cameron Park, CA; Redmond, WA; Port St. Lucie, FL; St. Louis, MO; York, PA; Madison, MS; Edmonton, AB (Canada); Summersville, SC; Philadelphia, PA; Lexington, SC; Waterloo, ON (Canada); Noble, OK; Winimiac, IN; Hilliard, OH; Honolulu, HI; Cornelius, NC; Layton, UT; Surrey, BC (Canada); Spruce Grove, AB (Canada); Grand Rapids, MI; Phoenix, AZ; Wilmington, DE; Ogden, UT; Okemos, MI; Orem, UT; Brighton, MI; Magnolia, TX; Seattle, WA; Indianapolis, IN; Greenwood, IN; Castleton, IN

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  1. Søren Neumann

    the only thing i hopped wouldn’t win…

  2. Colin

    Sweet That 70’s Show reference

  3. Alex Humanick

    York, PA 33 Masters
    1. Zach Bowers – Blastoise/Keldeo
    2. Ryan Connor – Darkrai/Mewtwo/Tornadus
    3/4 Ben Haun – Darkrai/Hydreigon
    3/4 ???? – Rayeels

    1. coolestman22

      I had no idea there was a place called “York”.

      You learn something new every day.

  4. Andrew Wamboldt

    Forget some people’s last names, but:

    1. Jak – Rayquaza/Eelektrik
    2. Brendan – Hydreigon/Darkrai with Cresselia tech
    3. Andrew W – Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Keldeo
    4. Michael C. – Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Kyurem

    St. Louis 11/7

    1. Vanguardmetrics

      YEAH Cresselia tech ftw!

      1. coolestman22

        I won a Cities in Seniors with a Cresselia tech. Won me Round 4.

        1. arTYYY


          1. coolestman22

            Still a legit example (Especially because 1/3 of the people there has cut Regionals)

          2. kazambolt

            cutting Regionals in Seniors =/= necessarily a legit example.

          3. Ambipoms

            Seniors don’t count, get over it.

          4. RogueChomp

            Amazing how you guys downgrade seniors so much. You know why Prior got T2 at Regionals? Cause he’s good, even though he just moved up to masters.
            Anyways, if Seniors payed attention to this data, it would probably hurt them lol since the Masters meta is different than the Seniors meta.

          5. coolestman22

            If you want a better example of that, Kian Amini won CA Regionals in Masters this year (T16 Seniors last year), and Jason Chin T4’d (Did not cut Seniors last year).

          6. Ziggmiceter

            Not really. There’s the occasional binder.dec but that’s really it. Maybe CA seniors are just good. Who knows.

          7. RogueChomp

            The Seniors meta can be different because there is a larger amount of masters, and there will never be one deck just sweeping. Well usually.

          8. Andrew Wamboldt

            The winning senior from our tournament played my Blastoise list. We both went x-0 in Swiss, and I finished 3rd and he got 1st. The difference between what decks are able to do well in Masters and Seniors really isn’t that different. The only difference is Seniors have more players with shaky lists, more players with just outright bad decks, and less overall in game skill because they’re less mentally developed than the older players.

            The only time this argument may have been true was last Cities Format and States Format, where Durant could be a great play in Masters, but a horrible play in Seniors because of all the Reshiboar in that age division.

          9. RogueChomp

            True @ first part.

            I think you mean Reshiphlosion. Because nobody would play Reshiboar after discovering how inconsistent it would be compared to decks like Zekeels.

  5. Andrew Wieman

    Burnsville, MN

    1. Jay H: Landorus/Mewtow
    2. ???: Darkrai/Tornadus/Mewtwo
    3. Jon N: Landorus/Ho Oh
    4. James S: Landorus/Mewtwo/Tornadus

    29 players

    1. Mike Lesky

      Paul C was 2nd

    2. ThePurplePiplup

      So many J’s…

  6. MiamiMike

    Port St Lucy, FL
    1st Place Michael Canaves Darkrai/Landorus/Friends
    2nd Place Franco Takahashi Blastoise/Keldeo
    3rd Place Tony de Souza Darkrai/Hydreigon

    4th Place David Lopez Tornadus/Bouffalant/Eelecktrik

  7. Isaiah Middleton

    Redmond, WA
    1. Kevin Gomez – Darkrai/Sableye/Hammer
    2. Recco Connor – Landorus/Mewtwo/Terrakion/Tornadus
    3. David Cohen – Rayquaza/Eelektrik
    4. Tyler Ninomura – Landorus/Mewtwo/Terrakion

    1. Chase Havoc

      I hate hammers so much!!!

      1. matt jacaruso

        you and me both brother

  8. Ziggmiceter

    I don’t know if you take Seniors results, but

    Cameron Park, CA Masters (no names known)

    1. Garchomp/Mewtwo/Landorus

    2. Keldeo/Blastoise

    3. Darkrai/Mewtwo/Bouffalant

    4. Speed Darkrai with 2 of each hammer

    Cameron Park, CA Seniors

    1. Theo S. with Darkrai/Hydreigon

    2. Paulo A. (me) with Klinklang

    3. Blake U. with Darkrai/Hydreigon

    4. Emily C. with Keldeo/Blastoise

  9. kianamini

    Cameron Park, CA Masters. Edited Ziggmiceters lol

    1. Mike Wang – Garchomp/Mewtwo/Landorus

    2. Kian Amini – Keldeo/Blastoise

    3. Dallan Fell – Darkrai/Mewtwo/Bouffalant

    4. Rhett Jones Darkrai/Landorus/terrakion/hammers

  10. josh

    Edmonton Seniors:

    1st: Josh: Hydreigon/Darkrai with Cresselia tech
    2nd: Jason: Hydreigon/Darkrai
    3rd: Danny: Keldeo/Blastoise

    4th: Tyler: Terrakion/Landuros

  11. poetlarsen

    landorus and darkrai ex seem to be the biggest cards. (With some keldeo).

  12. Kevin Cranberry Murphy

    Bentonville, AR
    1st Michael Kendle (Rayeels)
    2nd Kevin Murphy (Darkrai/Sableye)
    3rd Adam Bigott (Landorus/Garbodor/Mewtwo)
    4th Mark Oliver (Blastoise/Keldeo)

  13. coolestman22
  14. Justin Young

    Winamac, IN

    1st Dustin Zimmerman (Landerous, Tornadus, Mewtwo, Roseade)
    2nd Justin Young (Landerous, Tornadus, Mewtwo)

    3rd Mike Newman ( Landerous, Tornadus, Mewtwo, Roseade)
    4th ? ( Landerous, Garbodor)

  15. Tyler McCutchan

    Noble Oklahoma
    Frank H. Empoleon/dusknoir/landurous
    Rusty B Darkrai/Keldeo
    Dale L Darkrai/Hydregion
    Thomas C Darkrai/Hydregio

  16. Zach Lesage

    Waterloo, on
    1st Rob D Boufflant/Landorus/Terrakion/Mewtwo
    2nd Zach L Mewtwo/Terrakion
    3rd Paul ? Keldeo/Blastoise/Mewtwo
    4th Kevin S Darkrai/Hydreigon/Mewtwo/Shaymin

  17. Guy

    Summerville, SC 11/17
    1. Mike R: Darkrai/Landorus
    2. William L: Darkrai/Hammers

    Lexington, SC 11/18
    1. Zach B: Phat Tornadus w/ Ho-oh
    2. Bryan L: Phat Tornadus
    3. Alex W: Phat Tornadus
    4. Philip M: Mewtwo Eels w/ Tornadus

    Phat Tornadus is the Tornadus Eviolite Espertia combo

  18. Dylan D.

    Philadelphia, PA:

    1st Sean with Garbodor/Landorus EX/Mewtwo
    2nd Frankie with Darkrai/Mewtwo/Landorus Ex/Terrakion/ Roserade
    3rd/4th Allie with Ho-oh
    3rd/4th Mark with Blastoise/Keldeo/Mewtwo

  19. Eric Smith

    Summerville, SC 11/17
    1. Mike R: Darkrai/Landorus
    2. William L: Darkrai/Hammers
    3. Patrick O: Empoleon/Accelgor
    4. Eric S: Darkrai/Hydreigon

  20. Gordon Coates

    Edmonton AB
    1st Gordon Coates Mewtwo/Terrakion
    2nd Trevor Tran Darkrai/Hydreigon
    3rd Ryan Martindale Flygon/Dusknoir/Landorus/Mewtwo
    4th Sam Blacker Darkrai/Hydreigon

  21. Squeaky Marking

    Madison MS.

    1st: Josh “Squeaky” M. Darkrai/Hydreigon
    2nd: Tuan D. Blastoise/Keldio
    3rd: Randall H. Darkrai/Mewtwo
    4th: Jake M. Darkrai/Hydreigon

  22. Isaiah Middleton

    Seattle, WA – 11/18/12 (Card Kingdom)

    1. Bidier J w/ Darkrai/Sableye/Hammer
    2. Recco C w/ Landorus EX/Tornadus EX/Mewtwo EX/Terrakion/Bouffalant
    3. Sebastian T w/ Darkrai/Sableye/Hammer
    4. Kevin G w/ Darkrai/Sableye/Hammer

  23. Papa_Mash

    Magnolia TX 11/17

    1. Andrew Leon (Mewtwo EX/Landorus EX/Terrakion)
    2. Alton Fisher (Garbador/Mewtwo EX/Landorus EX)
    3. Rudy Paras (Darkrai EX/Sableye)
    4. Devon Huntoon (Gothitelle/Mewtwo EX/Gardevoir)

    1. Steve Lewis

      Andrew mainly ran Tornadus EX donk.

      1. Papa_Mash

        I played Andrew in Round 4 and he never benched a Tornadus Ex. On the other hand, he played at least two of each of the Pokemon I listed.

        1. Papa_Mash

          Played him again today and he does run torn ex and f tickets along with the pokes I listed …

  24. gary drummer

    pooka would u be interested in making a ptcg world record for most damage in one attack, if so pm me and i have lists and everything so yeah… please reply!

  25. SeaLegend

    Brighton, MI

    1st Nikolas C. Blastoise/Keldeo/Mewtwo
    2nd Matthew K. Tornadus/Landorus/Bouffalant/Mewtwo/Terrakion
    3rd Austin H. Tornadus/Landorus/Bouffalant/Mewtwo
    4th Mark M. Tornadus/Landorus/Bouffalant/Mewtwo/Terrakion (I believe, may have been slightly different attackers*

  26. gyarados11

    Orem, UT 11/23/12

    1st Andrew Murray: Landorus EX, Tornadus EX,

    2nd Len Duel: Darkrai EX, Mewtwo EX

    3rd Karl Kitchin: Keldeo EX, Blastoise

    4th Dustin Hardy: Ho-oh EX

  27. kazambolt

    Okemos MI Masters

    1st. Sean Foisy – Ho-Oh/Keldeo EX/Tornadus/Landorus EX/Zapdos/Virizion EP/Shaymin EX/Mewtwo

    2nd. Andrew Mahone – Zekrom/Eelektrik/Mewtwo/Bouffalant

    3rd. Evan Champine – Blastoise/Keldeo/Mewtwo

    4th. JW Kriewall – Darkrai/Mewtwo

  28. gyarados11

    Ogden, UT 11/24/12
    1st Karl Kitchin: Landorus EX, Tornadus EX, Mewtwo EX, Bouffalant
    2nd Brandon Jones: Landorus EX, Tornadus EX, Mewtwo EX, Bouffalant
    3rd Christian Cannell: Keldeo EX, Blastoise
    4th Tyler Westover: Dusknoir, Flygon, Accelgor

  29. Sammy Cruz

    Wilmington, DE 11/25/12

    1st. Dylan Brian: Hooh EX/Stuff

    2nd. Brad Gustas: Hooh EX/Stuff

    3rd/4th: Jimmy O’Brien: Klinkling/Attackers

    3rd/4th: Jimmy ????: Landous EX/Mewtwo EX/Tornadus EX

  30. Chase Havoc

    Phoenix AZ Masters 1st. Melissa G.- Blastoise/Keldeo/Mewtwo 2nd. Richard Torres- Landorus/Mewtwo/Ho-oh (Options) 3rd. Joshua Henry- Blastoise/Kyurem 4th. David M.-Blastoise/Keldeo/Mewtwo

  31. Joel Howe

    Grand Rapids, MI
    1st) Zackary Anderson-Darkrai EX/Hydreigon
    2nd) Joel Howe- Terrakion EX/Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX/Bouffalant
    3rd) JW Kriewall- Ho-oh Box
    4th) Dackery Cox-Keldeo EX/Blastoise

  32. Gordon Coates

    Week 2
    Spruce Grove AB Canada
    1st Gordon C. (Mewtwo ex/Terrakion/Landorus ex)
    2nd Alex S. (Mewtwo ex/Terrakion)
    3rd Andrew V. (Landorus ex/Tornadus ex/Mewtwo ex/Bouffalant
    4th Sam B. (Tornadus ex/Darkrai ex/Sableye/Hammers

  33. Chase Moloney

    Surrey, BC (Canada)

    1st – Brad Philip – Darkrai EX / Sableye / hammers
    2nd – Chase Moloney – Blastoise / Keldeo EX / Mewtwo EX
    3rd – Ricky Gao – Darkrai EX / Sableye / Hammers
    4th – Gavin Bennett – Mewtwo EX / Terrakion

  34. gyarados11

    Layton, UT 11/25/12
    1st Brandon Jones: Landorus EX, Tornadus EX, Mewtwo EX, Bouffalant
    2nd Jason Fleshman: Landorus EX, Tornadus EX, Mewtwo EX, Bouffalant
    3rd Tyler Westoverl: Landorus EX, Garbador
    4th Taylor Duffin: Darkrai EX, Hydreigon, Sigilyph

  35. Kevin Baxter

    Hilliard, OH 11/25

    1. Me: Darkrai/Stuff
    2. Nicholena Moon: Tornadus EX/Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX/Bouffalant
    3. Andy Himes: 4 Sigilyph/2 Mewtwo EX
    4. Henry Prior: Darkrai/Stuff

    The “Stuff” is Sableye, Landorus EX, Terrakion, Mewtwo EX, Shaymin EX, and Keldeo EX. Too many to list, so we just call it stuff.

  36. Gelat1n

    Honolulu, HI:
    1: Avery G: Darkrai/Sableye w/techs (Mewtwo EX, Shaymin EX, Keldeo EX)
    2: Jordan S: Garchomp/Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX
    3: Albert L: Keldeo EX/Blastoise
    4: Eugene N: Rayquaza EX/Eelektrik

  37. Tyler Morris

    Cornelius, NC
    1. Kyle S. Darkrai/Landorus
    2. Tyler M. Darkrai/Landorus
    3. Ryan S. Darkrai/Landorus
    4. Todd S. Darkrai/Bouffalant/Stuff

  38. coolestman22

    Woot! Flygon/Dusknoir isn’t doing that bad!

  39. Ty Smith

    Ada, OK
    1. Landorus/Tornadus/Mewtwo
    2. Darkrai/Terrakion (Im so bad, etc)
    3. Landorus/Tornadus/Mewtwo
    4. Darkrai/Hydreigon

  40. Zachary Lesage

    Barrie, ON (Canada)
    1st Curtis L w/ Landorus/Tornadus/Mewtwo/Terrakion
    2nd Rob D w/ Lamdorus/Mewtwo/Terrakion/Boufflant
    3rd Robin M-B w/ Blastoise/Keldeo/Mewtwo
    4th Dakota G w/ Mewtwo/Terrakion
    5th Geneses P w/ Darkrai/Hammers
    6th Zach L w/ Mewtwo/Terrakion
    7th Matt K w/ Darkrai/Keldeo/Hammers
    8th Kyle S w/ RayEels (I may be wrong)

    Hopefully LacunaSkepsis sweeps this weekend and the next. #sd lol

    I will be doing updates for most of the Ontario Marathon with player interviews if possible as well, I’ll try to get them to you guys.

  41. Nicholas Anthony Pearce

    Bournemouth, United Kingdom:

    1: Nicholas Pearce: Mewtwo/Ho-Oh/Tornadus EX/Aspertia
    2: Sam McLewee: Blastoise/Keldeo
    3: Ben Stewart Armstead: Blastoise/Keldeo
    4: Jake Walvin: Ho-Oh

    1. Nicholas Anthony Pearce

      Sorry, I should say, this was today, so I guess it should go in the Week 3 thread.

  42. Dax Edmiston

    Bedford, TX – December 2

    1. Brandon Smiley – Keldeo/Blastoise/Mewtwo
    2. Dax Edmiston – Quad Rayquaza EX
    3. Casey Burks – Tornadus EX/Terrakion/Mewtwo/Bouffalant
    4. Austin Baggs – Tornadus EX/Mewtwo/Landorus/Terrakion

  43. g3rm

    Lakewood, CO 1st) Calvin Nordberg: Quad Sigilyph/ Mewtwo (2nd)Robert Seley Landorus/Mewtwo/Terrakion/Bouffalant (3rd) Erik King: Klingklang (4th) Harrison Frazier: Landorus/Tornadus/Bouffalant-?