How Not to Handle Losing (PTCGO Game)

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  1. ThatsMyPretzel

    (posted this on FB…guess I also gotta post it here)
    Huge coincidence. I saw your vid on player etiquette and then started up PTCGO. Literally my first match was with FREAKEN SLOWPOKEXXL. Seriously, like one vid after I finished the vid….discovered, yep…he’s a jerk
    – Made a comment saying something along the lines of “WOAH, I just saw you in a video”. Then I repeated the Gigas quote. Wasn’t being mean, just some friendly teasing. He immediately puts me down. – He goes on – Told him to calm down. Just joking. Continues to go at me – I win (Despite starting with Ho-oh against a Blastoice deck). He blames it on his deck and bails

    The best part about Pokemon is the community. Really disappoints me, when I see people like this . My “bored” self had to share this. KEEP DOIN YO THING, KYLE. Best of luck to you.

  2. Chase Havoc

    Hey ThatsMyPretzel I just played you in a mirror match! lol thats so funny you happened to face Slowpokexxl. If you ever want a rematch let me know those bouffalant did work xD

    1. ThatsMyPretzel

      Sure, friend me on ze PTCGO :v. Bouffalants are realllllyyy underrated IMO. They are a solid counter against just about any EX…and the whole format is basically EX after EX sadly.

  3. coolestman22

    That was hilarious.

  4. The Matteo

    lol who runs Minun and Plusle.

  5. TrulyRaNd0m

    how do you deal with regigigas??? lololol