Greenwood, IN Top 8 – Joseph Horth vs. Isaac Soto

7 responses to “Greenwood, IN Top 8 – Joseph Horth vs. Isaac Soto”

  1. tokyovampire

    I just noticed at 25:40 Issac free retreated Sigilyph without any dark energy in play. All he had was a basic metal on it.

    1. Patricio Gonzalez Walsh

      Keldeo’s Rush in.

    2. 007

      nope, i rushed in

  2. tokyovampire

    Oh my bad lol. Fair enough.

  3. coolestman22

    Joseph needs to use the Top Cut playmat.

  4. David

    hi, i can see the deck lists of this event? Thanks XD

    1. coolestman22

      In B4 Pooka.

      The Top Cut doesn’t give out decklists for specific player’s decks.