Castleton, IN Finals – Adam Vernola vs. Kyle “Pooka” Sucevich

4 responses to “Castleton, IN Finals – Adam Vernola vs. Kyle “Pooka” Sucevich”

  1. coolestman22

    At 33:10 I believe you aren’t supposed to shuffle for Random Reciever if the first card is a Supporter.

    Also, how did Tynamo free retreat at 40:35?

    1. Micah Tate

      Based on how you interpret it, I would still shuffle, but I don’t think it matters until people start playing pokedex next format.

      Didn’t retreat, he used Rush in.

    2. Kyle Sucevich

      The ruling for Random Receiver changed at Regionals this year. You always shuffle your deck afterwards, whether the first card is a Supporter or not.

  2. WindFox720

    This deck looks awesome, could we get a full deck list please?