Kenosha, WI Top 8 – Andrew Reynolds vs. Jason Klaczynski

7 responses to “Kenosha, WI Top 8 – Andrew Reynolds vs. Jason Klaczynski”

  1. Sid Guimarães

    Jason’s deck is really interesting. He make some differents choices to not play SSU/Max Potion, 3 Tropical Beachs and 0 Ns. lol A little different than mine. Happy to see a Blastoise/Keldeo winning, btw.

    Do guys think that Tropical Beach is really necessary in Blast/Keldeo? Im playing with 14 supporters and tbh, Im playing well without it, but I still have some doubts…

    Great video! Awesome jobs guys!
    And sorry about my bad english!

    1. coolestman22

      Tropical Beach is in there as a late-game buffer against N. I’ve seen lists play Musharna instead of it, but you need something so that N doesn’t kill you.

  2. Aaron Wang

    Kyle if you have your match against Jason recorded you should both do commentary on it together

  3. Hazelnutt

    That guy shuffles his deck like no tomorrow

  4. matt jacaruso

    I think jason only plays 2 beaches in here. but he 0 Ns just seems blasphemous in this format hahaha. I’m trying to figure out his who list because it is very different from other builds.

    1. coolestman22

      Wait, what’s this about 0 N? Did he have a decklist error or something?

      1. Crawdaunt

        Nope. Just a true YOLO player.