Plasma Storm: Top 10 Cards

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  1. Geordan Duffy

    I really think that Victini Ex should of been replaced by Articuno Ex as Articuno goes hand in hand with Keldeo/Blastoise and annoys decks that don’t run switch or a Keldeo Ex.

  2. darkose

    why not have plazma crobat with the, and the hypnotoxic layzer and virbank city crad? thep crobats abilty can put 4 d counters on the defending pokemon and if the aponant is asleep, you can attack with out worrying about being attacked, so you can knock the pokemon out (even an EX) easy.

    1. coolestman22

      Because Crobat isn’t very good, and Laser’s sleep effect only works 1/4 of the time.

      Crobat PLS is bad for the same reason Crobat Prime was. We’re not getting anything new here.

  3. darkose

    oww, and think about the plazma storm, black kyurem and the scramble swich. you can do the black kyurem and (with 4 energy’s to do black ballista) scramble switch. like to say if you had a lugia, and you need energy’s and your b kyurem (with energy’s needed) is down to a small amount of hp (even if you had the crystal sheild), you can do scramble switch and energiez lugia, and now if you have a colress machine trainer to get a p energy to do plazma gale

  4. 999

    Crobat isn’t really viable now.Keldeo just have to drop 4 energy to kill it , and keeping Crobat on the field is really hard. I tested a simple list, and it does not stand to late game, even with energy acceleration. Unless we find a good partener against keldeo variants, it won’t be played.
    Articuno is interesting, but with laser and virbank coming, it is very likely to see an increase of Switch/ keldo techs. But pairing it with garbodor as a tech + something solid , it might be playable.
    I’m currently testing Victini Toolbox, it does ok. Victory piece can land some serious pressure early game, but I’m still not decided if Computer search or Victory piece in Victini decks.

  5. darkose

    when will you feature the next news

  6. Andy Ford

    I think you’re pronouncing “ballista” wrong. The “i” should be a short “i” sound. Google “pronounce ballista” and I think you’ll see what I’m getting at.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Yeah, someone else pointed this out to me already. Thanks!

  7. Kilaton

    Anyone else bothered that Hypnotoxic Laser shoots in a wave?

  8. Zach Elliott

    Lol when you were like “at number 2 we have a combination of two cards…” and I was like “POOKA?! WHAT’S BETTER THAN LASER+VIRBANK?!?!”. Oh yeah, Colress Machine. hehehe, nevermind

  9. darien